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Another Tale of Remember When

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No I can't take another tale of remember when
I think I know this one but then you tell me again
You're blowing out the details that ain't how it happened
If we knew our beginnings, we'd agree on the end

All this time I spent I'm trying to chill myself out
I'm cooler than a calendar at the turn of the round
I used to be ambitious, now I go with the flow
But I'm starting to think I don't like where it's going

I need to disconnect
I need to reset
I need to empty my head
And then only let back in the sounds of orchestras and laughter

'Cause I've always got this conversation going in my head
Like hey you gotta do this, and hey don't forget
I'm starting to see that it's a complete other thing
What happened to us brain, we used to be a team

I told myself I wouldn't ever do this again
But here I got this outlet, so I'm plugging it in
I wanna feel the heat flowing from deep within me
And go out to the forest, scream at the trees

I need to disconnect
I need to reset
I need to empty my head
And let go of the part of me that thinks that it knows anything

How many days on this earth have you been here so far?
If you didn't know your age, how old would you think you are?
All these cycles of time. Wanna tear the wheels off
Unraveled over a life. Delete the days in a month
'Cause every time it comes a round you get this thing where
You tell yourself you're gonna make it different this year

I don't know why
I don't take my own advice
Reminds me of this one time when
And then the cycle begins

La da da da da da da da
La da da da da da dada dada
La da da da da da da da
Oh oh

There's isn't a point, that's all that I've seen
It's time that some people learned some things
Everyone is acting, and some are so good
But just because they fake it doesn't mean you should


So I try not to think I don't like where it's going

(Let's do one more)

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