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Here in the night, love takes control,making me high,making me whole
I don't know
Oh no no no
No I don't know
No no no
No I don't know
When I close my eyes I can see you lowering yourself to my level
I don't know where you got those clothes
But you can take them off if it makes you feel better
Don't stop it now
Now is so right
Now as the day
Slips away
And we slid into night
I don't know
Oh no no no
No I don't know
No no no
No I don't know
I open my eyes & you're there
Even better in the flesh it would seem
I'm so ready and willing and able it's untrue
To act out this love scene and make my dreams come true
And how many others have touched themselves whilst looking at pictures of you?
How many others could handle it if all their dreams came true?
I don't expect you to answer straight away
Maybe you're just having an off day
But I need to believe in you
Yes I do, Yes I do
I need to beleive in you
Oh I want you here in my heart
Here in my head
Live all your dreams for tonight here in your bed
I don't know
Oh no no no
No I don't know
No no no
No I don't know
So roll the soundtrack and dim the lights 'cos I'm not going home tonight
This love scene has begun
There's nothing left for us to do but get it on
Lets make this the greatest love scene from a play no one's thought up yet
I know you're feeling the same as me but what you gonna do about it?
Now here's an exclusive
I've wanted you for years I only needed the balls to admit it
When the unbelievable object meets the unstoppable force
There's nothing you can do about it
I will light your cigarette with a star that has fallen from the sky
Breath in breath out
I love the way you move
Don't let anyone tell you any different tonight
You are beauty you are class
You showed it all
But you still kept a little piece back just for me
A little piece back just for me
Just for me (just for me)
I don't know how you do it
But I love the way you do it when your doing it to me
And if this is a dream then I'm gonna sleep for the rest of my life
For the rest of my life


Gravadora: UMC (Universal Music Catalogue)
Faixa: 9

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