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Good Googly Moogly (Instrumental)

Project Pat

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[Juicy J]
Hypnotize Minds Productions
(Yeah) New Project Pat
Project Pat
Its Goin Down

[Hook: Project Pat]
Good googly moogly, that thang is juicy
Good googly moogly, that thang is juicy
Good googly moogly, that thang is juicy
Good googly moogly, that thang is juicy
Good googly moogly, that thang is juicy
Good googly moogly, that thang is juicy
Good googly moogly, that thang is juicy
Good googly moogly, that thang is juicy

[Project Pat]
She got a bubble gum cap with a Gucci dats snappin'
With some rhino legs and a booty that's flappin'
With some fire-oh head cuz you know we love cappin'
Got her toes done up with her fingernails matchin'
Here dat big ol' butt that you're walkin cross the street with
Peep this, for a happy meal can I squeeze it
Till it go pop, make the juice start to runnin' out
Greasy lips, thick like a moose what I'm talkin 'bout
Them freaky freaks I heard on the loose, let ya pockets out,
Got trick niggaz watchin' your caboose with they wallets out
You should stop, lil' somethin' somethin' bad to tha bone
That ain't a monkey hangin' off ya back that's Donkey Kong


[Project Pat]
How you gon' prance around with all that, sayin' you ain't all that
Everybody at ya wanna hit ya like a ball bat
That thang make ya look back, be like man who is that
You can see a hiny on a hiny I'm pursuin' that
A dirty south hoody rat tryin' to hold goodies back
Waist like a wasp, butt cheeks pokin' really fat
I'm Crown Vic old school, squeezin' on her boo-boo
Hugged up, pokin' in her brains so what ya wanna do
Nice tats on ya body, liquor comin' out ya pores
Weed stench ya ain't right, G-string for some drawers
You can call me Mr. Whipple, I won't do no harmin'
Never to the Charmin, come holla at me woman


[Juicy J]
Im a P-I-M-P with diamonds all in my teeth
I step in the light man, my mouth be shiny
A ghetto star in the street, the shoppin' and cuttin' the ki's
They all wanna get with me, these girls be beggin' please
They call me the Juice Man, I love a striptease
A girl with a lot of ass, that's down to hit her knees

[DJ Paul]
Yeah, I beat that thang like it stole somethin' never let her hold somethin'
Put the staff in her mouth, claimin' that she owe somethin'
Show 'em somethin' mean on the scene
When I first seen them jeans, teamed with that booty it's a dream team
Make me go-go, up and down like a yo-yo
But I had to pop her blue
Cuz I'm on that Tonio Montana

[Project Pat]
Goog google moogly, that thang is juicy


Gravadora: Hypnotize Minds/Sony Urban Music/Columbia
Faixa: 2

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