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Spinning Out (feat. Fink)

Professor Green

ouvir : conectando
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(Verse 1)
My mind I'm out of it
Got a bottle of jack time to drown in it
I made it here but don't know how I did
Who'd of thought this year man the shit I been
Through with the man to this, how about a spliff
I feel like I'm spinning out, it's kind of surreal
All of the shit I been around, now months sinse I
Licked a nans out shit just switched to rhymes
I still can't figure out how

With your feet in the air and your head on the ground,
Let's try this trick, spinning,
Your head will collapse, there's nothing whether to ask yourself, where is
My mind x3
Way out in the water seeing swimming.

(Verse 2)

My lifes a rollercoaster, a fucking hurricane
Got a past which I wouldn't wanna tuck away
There were minutes were I wish u could'a run away
But I stay stuffer till I live to see another day
And look how quick it changed up, it's insane blood
Fuck the fame I'm still the same as when I came up
But now I get payed get laid quicker, drink straight
And make a face like I hate liquor,
I had a lot to prove, I had to shop with lu
My nan turns the tv on and on the tune
Summer time with lill and were on the yacht with muse
If you can see the gap between the from and the too
It's crazy

Where is my mind x3
Way out in the water seeing swimming


Gravadora: Virgin Records
Faixa: 5

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