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Life 'o' The Party


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This is the life o’ the party
We gonna do it right

So U're havin’ a party?
Goody 4 U
All the beautiful people gonna b there
Yeah that’s cool
U know U're gonna have a good time
Cause U got the news
That the life 'o' the party
Is gonna party with U

We doin' r own thang
Till the sun comes up
Sweet Candy's gon' b there
Yeah, it’s gonna b rough
She ain’t got no OFF switch
And neither do eye
When U read it in the paper 2morrow
U gonna hang Ur head & cry


We gonna have us a party
All r welcome 2
We ain’t down with nobody
That don’t party like we do
Once we get it started
We got 2 go all night
This is the life 'o' the party
We gonna do it right

Y party in Ur own yard
When U can party in mine?
All the beautiful people gonna b there
Puttin’ the eye in fine
Throwin' records out the window
CDs out the door
Might as well give 'em 2 the milkman
'Cause we don't want 'em no more

Everybody can smell this funk u’all
Even down in Atlanta, GA
Everybody - even Dre 'n them
Know it’s OK
We ain't trippin’ U’all
On this special day
We just called 2 let U know
U betta not come if U can’t stay


What's it gonna take 2 get Ur booty soakin' wet?
U and me closer baby, that's a bet

Eye’m the life of the party
'Long as eye got Ur body
Shakin' like a leaf on a tree
Cutie come dance with me
U and me, we got mad chemistry
Don’t it make U wanna holler?
Life 'o' the party U’all
We’re still makin' dollars
25 years 2 life
The judge sentenced me
2 hard labor with a knife
Making cuts 4 U’all
Keeping the party packed
Fans wall 2 wall
Eye don’t care what they said -
“He don’t play the hits no more
Plus eye thought he was gay.”
It ain’t nothin' if it ain’t fun
My voice is gettin' higher
And Eye ain’t never had my nose done!
Look out
All the purple hippies
bang your head on the 1



Gravadora: Legacy Recordings
Faixa: 4

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