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Train leaves the city, high on the tracks
Holocaust central howling at my back
View from the carriage, safe blind glass
Woundeed streets of graveyard flats
Dishrag curtains, screams of disease
Satellite dish where the window should be
Breeze block prison, somebody's home
Looks like it's been hit by a neutron bomb

Jackie is a mother, doing her best
The kids ain't got a father
The motherfucker left
Bottom of the pyramid, economic slave
Working two jobs, for a minimum wage
Paying her taxes, paying her rent
Can't clothe the kids, 'cos the money's been spent
The kids are in care, system of abuse
What d'ya feel about yourself
When nobody wants you?


When your baby is crying, 'cos it's hungry and cold
And your wife wants to leave you,
'cos you haven't got a job
Will you shit on your brother, stab him in the back
You gotta survive man, by doing what you can
It's the new dark ages, every man for himself
Don't ask for mercy, don't ask for help
You need a will to power, a triumph of the will
Like the politicians/black magicians
Who do what they wilt
Elected criminals, legalized crime
Passing new laws, protecting their kind


Teenage drug gangs, running with machine guns
Miles of favelas up and down the M1
Law of the jungle, ghetto mentality
Like Margaret Thatcher said
"There's no thing as society"
Free market credo, economic theology
High priest bankers, stealing your money (don't buy the lie)
Living like a refugee in your own country (don't buy the lie)
Living like a refugee in your own country


Living like a refugee in your own country [x4]
Take a look in your children's eyes [x4]


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