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Living the dream that I’m fighting for
Struggle to get what I’m looking for
Can you hear me I am calling lord
I’m a gladiator, gladi, gladiator

I just woke up on the right side of the bed
No alarms for sleeping on me
Never been the one to follow a few trends for some homies
If one day you just happen it’s to buck and hear my story
You would understand, I ain’t got much time for partion knowing
Time waits for no man, so dead me when you see me
Cause adolescents bout that money and no hand outs for the needy
Misquoted, he’s so misquoted
It’s time to get a chip on his shoulder and it’s showing
Somebody call oprah, matter fact call conan
Cause once you hear this news you’d be lucky if you know em
And if you knew them, then you knew em
Then you so last season
And when he gets a grammy, just be happy to be that reason
Warning shots for the renegades,
this is like a double shot of jack with no fucking chase
Take a picture at my show no need for double takes
Been waiting my whole life lation here no complaints
They like what’s a rapper that got no chains
I’m like I guess I’ll pray for someone Sunday but
When the moment strike, I’ma cope a few links
For now I’ll focus on my daughter’s education dreams
So you can put that in your plug and your top 5
What’s a top 5 list if your album dies
What’s a top 5 if you can’t eat that 9
Now what’s a list of 5, if 6 digits ain’t multiply
Yeah, I’m getting greedy nigga,
Matter fact all these new women are the new agenda
Damn, what you wish you could be mean nigga
You got a better chance of getting sun tans in the coldest winter

Man, they see I’m humble bout the fans
Cause they seen what you gunnin and they made it a brand
Sold out venues and I never sold out
And I did it with no deal, coming from my mama’s couch
Can you see it, can you see it, are you too far side
Well let me toss this dice so you could see good timing
Jr, thug of war, who you signing
And then we’ll go cope a few cribs at tour guiding
Out rhyming, just the same privates
Haters watch my every word, hooked on fonets
I’m not blessed, pour 80 is stoppin
My name is pries, do that church man, that’s a profit
Hallelujah, hallelujah, man change hands
That he moves out of silence
Messiah, for your friendly fire
How much power does it take to get higher
Casue we tired of these 9 to 5 drinks
Benny holler taze on a dollar menu meat
It’s ironic, all those girls out my league
Now I cry before I take my first swing
And I never pay for a view or a blog spot
Yeah you going spot, I’m going dempsey
Drug money, b money, no need for a props
Broke nappy have a kid now, all I see is knots

Excuse if I end up loosing you
Nothing stays the same, only thing constant is the change
And lamey parents saying that I’m the one to blame
Cause they kids are dream chasing
And they mad cause they can’t
Or they mad cause they late, and they settle with the fact
Of a minimum wage,
I rap cause I got to, not just to look cool
Not just for a few thousand views on youtube
I’m like judge what you want, let your thoughts reconsee
You anticipating my presence like christmas eve
I’am be anything I wanna be
Colfax to fairfax, yeah I dream but don’t sleep
That’s pries

Ah, all I see is green lights, can’t quit, won’t stop
Till I get my money right
Ah, all I see is green lights, can’t quit, won’t stop
Till I get my money right.


Gravadora: Glue Crew
Faixa: 9

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