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Little Boy's Prayer

Porter Wagoner

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Darling I don't know whether you can hear me or not
Because of this lump in my throat I can't talk very loud
But I've got to tell you bout our little son's prayer tonight
If you could've heard it honey you'd've been so proud
I'd already left a note on the table for mom and dad
As if they didn't know what was wrong
Now I asked them to take a care of him now that you and I we're both gone
After I finished the note I figured that he was alseep
So I've slipped in to see him just once more
But he was just startin' to pray and his words froze me at the door
And he said dear God it's late I hope I didn't get you up
But there's somethin' we gotta talk about
You see God my mommy was burried today
And my daddy needs straighten out
Ever since mommy got sick he's been nervous and hollered at me a lot
But that part I can't understand
Cause even a little boy like me knows that worry sometimes overload a man
But God he loved mommy so much
And he used to tel her nothing would ever come between 'em
Now I know that's what's botherin' him now cause somethin' has
And I'm afraid he's thinkin' about joinin' her somehow
God I'm glad that he loved mommy
I want him to be with her again one of these days
But I want to talk to him and tell him that first he's got me to raise
Tell him every now and then a little boy needs a helping hand
And I guess you probably still need your daddy even after you're a fullgrown man
And God if I'd lost him and mommy both it'd be more than I could stand
I know my grandma and grandpa would take care of me
Cause they both love me a whole lot
But God they're older and they don't always understand
The problems a little boy like me has got
Well God I won't bother anymore tonight
But tomorrow night I'll be sure and talk to you again
You take care of my daddy now you hear thank you Amen
I've just stood there thinkin' bout his prayer and all that he said in it
Finally I opened the door and asked him if I could talk to him for a minute
We sat down on the edge of his bed
And both took turns laughin' and cryin' for a while
And he could tell it'd been a change in me
Because for the first time in the long time I saw him smile
So darling you go on ahead but you walk slow
And someday when you'll turn around I'll be there
But it'll be a while cause I'm gonna spend the next few dozen years
Being an answer to our little boys prayer


Gravadora: Legacy Recordings
Faixa: 26

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