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The Jungle

Pharoahe Monch

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Southside, you know we living in the jungle
Brook'nam, you know we living in the jungle

See them gorillas over there in the park, them my niggas
After dark we get sparked up and pull triggers
You gotta speak orangutan slang or pull capers
The cops are the cheetahs and the trees are the skyscrapers
See in the jungle we often rumble for loot
Some of us just stumble around high off the booze, shoot
You get shot, shit
Play humble like last year when the cheetahs tried to catch my uncle
When you come through, you could get bumped too
If you don't got at least 4 to 5 gorillas amongst you
The bigger tree hit 'em shocked and amazed
41 shots hot, take you out in the blaze
And if not, they ship your ass to the Bronx in a cage
Into the island where you spend your time counting the days
But still agriculturally, it's kind of ill, we blow mills
They make a killing and build new lands in the jungle

Shaolin, you know we living in the jungle
Chi-town, you know we living in the jungle
Westside, you know we living in the jungle

I tell these chimpanzees who be carrying tools
You don't wanna invest your life in a cesspool
Pharmaceutical distributin', breaking the rules
You need to take your monkey ass off to school
And learn about Botswana, Sudan and Ghana
Mozambique and speak of pride and honor
I understand sometimes we all feel fenced in
But utilize your mind to define dimensions
Just then I lost the little monkey's attention
As he stared into the distance focusing and squinting at a
Beautiful gazelle that was grazing in the grass with
Muscular legs and a rhinoceros ass
But in the least case scenario I did try to tell him
Hit him with some signs that was a little compelling
Little gibbon on a mission, not unlike Magellan
What you caught was some felons, crimes and drug selling in the jungle

Yo, Ghana, you know we living in the jungle
Cape Town, you know we living in the jungle
Jo-burg, you know we living in the jungle

I'm talking epileptic episodes off that Epinephrine
That Albuterol and them other prescribed medicines
A zombie in insomnia frecking the Amphetamines
My moms had me smoking weed from the Netherlands at age 13
Broke apart the scene, a lot of moist weed that was sticky and green
See in the 80's it was wine-coolers and woolies
The Facts of Life, crack, David Dinkins and toolies
Mike Jack said "kick me, kike me, Jew me"
Now all the white chicks in the world got booties
He rap by popular demand
And a nigga nosey on some Toucan Sam shit
You not Florida A&M, you not fam, dawg
That would be (Marco), that's my man
My biceps will isolate with one hand
The triceps will do reps and dip sets, but not Cam
Scandal, governors busted, got damn
Power to the people unite with one plan
I used to write about green eggs and ham
'Til I found out the Food and Drug Administration was a scam
Now we steam vegetables, brown, forget the white rice
My life is all I have, studying zeitgeist
Lyrics bang now and again, sing like the Chi-Lites
It's my right to use my power to shine my light
To function, you know the function
Yo, Pharoahe Monch, what's your motherfucking function?
I go to Queens for queens, I eat organic in Brooklyn
Swing on a vine over the swine and keep 'em shook
And take the anaconda through the tunnels
Through the Mecca where the piranha
try to ball and style on the persona
You know I keep it on the low like an iguana
When the monikers never leave the crib without the llama in the


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