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First of all I thank you Jah
for the beauty of life
and for the spiritual strength
in my moments of strife.
I thank you for the bible
like a compass its my guide
so I won't get lost or left (no way)
by the way side.
Although I've lost my dread
I haven't lost my sight
and until my day of rest
I will follow your light.
I will fight against injustice
hypocrites, parasites and sodomites
and over evil I will win
with the truth and the right.

My name is Pato Banton
this is my opinion
My name is Pato Banton
and this is my opinion.

I do not hold no prejudice for any other nation
as far as I'm concerned we're all a part of God's creation.
Like dog a dog and cat a cat a human is a human
so there should be no prejudice because of one's complexion.
There should be no prejudice because of one's religion
for every man has got the right to make his own decision.
I don't just talk to every man but also every woman
understanding gives you knowledge but the fear of God is wisdom.
Wisdom is the compass that will show you the direction
towards the light of Jah! and away from all illusion.

My name is Pato Banton
me born and grow a England
My name is Pato Banton
and this is my opinion.

Sometimes I cry for my people in South Africa
depressed and persecuted by apartheid law.
Under the rule of a mass murderer
who goes by the name of Mr. Botha.
With tears in my eyes I look to the skies
and wonder how long must my people suffer.
But just like Malcom X and Martin Luther King
Mahatma Gandhi and Nelson Mandela.
My dream is for all men to live as brother
so all freedom fighters let's sing together.

Woe Mr. Botha!
Free up South Africa!

You see.
In a world so full of hate crime and injustice.
What we need right now is love sweet love.
So won't you come and sing this song with me right now.

What the world needs now is love sweet love.
No not just for some but for everyone.

This is my opinion.
Jah Rastafari.


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