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King Step

Pato Banton

ouvir : conectando
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Left! Right! Left! Right! Left! Right! Left! Right!
Left! Right! Left! Right! Left! Right! Left! Right!

Me come fi show them how fi do the King Step!
Left-Right! Show them how fi do the King Step!
Left-Right! Show them how fi do the King Step!
Left-Right! Show them how fi do the King Step!

As soon as me operator fling the music pon the deck
is very exciting, educating, fascinating, pirate chanting
culture preaching, perfect timing lyrics you a go get
the whistlers blow their whistle, big women say "kiss me neck"
some bawl "forward", some bawl "rewind" and some shout out "eject"
while the pirates press record pon fe dem pocket size cassettes
the MCs that chat slack fret 'til dem armpit wet with sweat
because they know that slackness is a thing I man do not respect
that's why me come to show dem how fe do the King Step!

Well before me start to go down in a dais yak subject
me have to praise you Jah cause you never fail I yet
even when satan captured me and bring me close to death
you offered me the truth and right and I had to accept
so now me find you Jah me na go keep it secret
that's why the conscious lyrics are my favourite subject
me chat dem in the blues party, pub, club and discotheque
me chat dem in the bookie shop while man a put on bet
me chat dem in the gambling house when man ready fe set
and even to bad man who a walk wid dem ratchet
me chat dem a UB40 Studio in Digbeth
and when dem want more culture dem a shout out "dep, dep, dep!"
but me tell them, hold on lads you ain't heard nothing yet
cause now I've come to show ya how to do the King Step!

Left-Right, its time to walk in the light of Jah not darkness!
Left-Right, who Jah bless no man curse, who Jah curse no man bless!
Left-Right, eternal life for the man that tries his very best!
Left-Right, do bad and you'll go down in the pit that's bottomless!
Left-Right Left-Right, Pato Banton has now come to preach the right!
Left-Right Left-Right, me no partial if your black or if your white!
Left-Right well now me know how fe do the king step
me just can not keep it a secret so right ya now you a get
The King Step, The King Step, The King Step!
Step 1, we all should know that there's one Jah and only one!
Step 2, is give him praises for this whole creation!
Step 3, is love your brother man cause you and him is one!
Step 4, is not to make the same mistake as Soloman!
Step 5, is to repent and beg forgiveness for your wrongs
cause the wrath of Jah is clear to see in revelation!
So make up mind if you want to go to Hell or Zion.
Step 6, there's more the King Step carries on!
It carries on and on, and on, and on, and on, and on!
Step 6, is once you know the truth to pass the message on
and do the King Step daily as you trod upon Jah land
so when the right time comes for Babylon's destruction
you'll be among the few to march towards mount Zion.
Left-Right, Left-Right, Left-Right, Left-Right...


Gravadora: Ariwa Sounds
Faixa: 4

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