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Colgate Soulmate


ouvir : conectando
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Grass and Pernod
you just laugh and let go
fill up her glass and her Soul
that night she had this magical glow
and she was dancin' like "Wow!"

Ev'ry night she gets advances - I know
these can't be the last chances I blow
I wonder if she fancies my flow
and if I get her number will she answer my calls?

This sounds like classical prose
romances - I'm told - require passion and growth
or else they turn out all nasty and grose
just keep the shit real like mic blastin' at shows

Another glass of Pernod
we listening to Jazzmatazz at her home
the rest of the house sleeping - we blastin' Hydro
your hand on my head
that's the last thing I know

It used to be all one-night-stands
looking for fast kicks
girlfriends - had my ass kicked by the last six
been hangin' with this girl for the past weeks
a beautiful mind and some beautiful ass cheeks

first we got along fantastic
we're told our thing together is a classic
at first the feeling was massive
but then the situation started turning drastic

It's cruel - and e v'ryone knows it's true
you always hurt the one that you closest to
Love make a patient man blow his fuse
but for violent beh aviour there's no excuse

You're my muse - evere since making out in the cab
then we met again - this time it's you, me and Pab
I'm really glad - we're both pretty mad
you my colgate soulmate when I'm feeling sad

We talked about literature - the last book you bought
I wanted to unhook your bra
but I didn't afraid I might've shook you off
but you're not the chicken that I took you for

it's hardcore - can she really be so kind
I close the door - ohmigod - she's so fine
count to four - and indeed you'll find
that you need your time
until you breathe alright

I can't sleep - I think I'm gonna read all night
I can't concentrate - I feel I can't read or write
hope she falls asleep thinkin that he's alright
I promise I'm gonna buy you that Dedolight

It's like Me-Oh-My
I feel so fine
I'm on the train to thee 0-9
to see my muse - I want her to be all mine


Gravadora: RCA Records Label
Faixa: 4

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