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Win Again

Nicki Minaj

ouvir : conectando
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[Verse 1]
I came out looking to party, and now I'm owning that building
You bitches can't get my spot until I start raising some children
These bitches all in they feelings, can't fuck with Nicki, they know it
They know that Nicki a poet, pop me a bottle of Moet
They said I couldn't, but I did it though
Tell 'em I got still that hourglass figure though
Can't stop me, don't watch me, you better just watch your nigga, ho
I'm in that big boy, I am in beast mode
Beast make that G-code
Bitches ain't got drive, these bitches gon' get repo'd
I am a monster, this is ambition
This the type of car that you keep a bad bitch in

[Pre-Chorus 1]
Not that I don't got good vision, but I don't see competition
They want me to come and help them but I am not a magician
I'm on them fo-fours, I'm tipping, you better move out my way
I am not here to play,Pinkprint can't be delayed

Cause I win again, cause I win again
And I win again, and I win again, and I win again
And I win again, and I win again, yeah I win again
Can't tell me nothing about it, your opinion is invalid
Go against me, then you made a mistake

[Verse 2]
Yo, yo, cause I came out, '09 when promoters brought Wayne out
Lewinsky, like I couldn't get the stain out
I been bad, like cutting school and staying out
I been hotter than vacationing and laying out
I sat back, and watched how it was playing out
They diss me, but running and took the same route
Uh, but no, they not Nicki, wrist on Ice and yes my wrist Bricky
If I leave, the game will miss Nicki, not a website booking, money, this is 50
Pop bottles with my bitches and get pissy
This shit ain't got no more integrity
Don't write they raps, and plus they flow shitty
Don't make me expose you bitch,I'm too busy
Hopped on the Bridge-y, New York City
Nicki still the queen, niggas all ready
(Hopped on the Bridge-y, New York City
Nicki still the queen, niggas all ready)

[Pre-Chorus 2]
Soon as I came in I told them that I would become the greatest
Muhammad Ali all these bitches, and that can't be debated
I never chicken'd, I skated, I know they mad that I made it
All this money I made, all my bitches is laced


So good, so real, so good, yeah
I'mma win again, I'mma win again, yeah
I'm Meryl Streep to all these bitches, they can't do what I do
Sometimes I just look in the mirror and I be like, "Why you?"
Yeah, I know that they mad
But I'mma shit on my critics some more
I am... I am...
I am still gonna do, what he sent me to do
That's kill, kill, everything in, everything in my way
That's kill, kill, everything in, everything in my way

They know I am a champion, no
Champions do, it's all champions do

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