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Ah, I'm motivated (motivated)
Motivated (motivated)
Motivated (motivated)
Motivated, ah [2x]

When I first started, never knew if they will listen
But when I write, I produce passion, that's Mel Gibson
If music is a disease, I promise I'm infected
I dream on different levels of dreams, Inception
And these beats are my playground, let the words play
You ain't catch it? That's wordplay
Now you're stuck on the word "play"
I'm all business, no suit on, but that's okay
I will K.O. you, if you come in my work space
And don't you ever try to tell me I lack passion
I'm a stand up guy, I promise you ain't laughing
These rappers are slowing the game down, bad traffic
And how you gonna put me in a category of wack rappin'?
Listen, I'm Hulk, I transform and I smash rappers
You sipping on syrup, that doesn't mean you a sick rapper
See what it means is you gon' probably get sick after
You don't like that I'm blunt,
Or is it the fact that I smoke past ya?

Take your best shot [3x]
I ain't going nowhere, nowhere

Ah, I'm motivated (motivated)
Motivated (motivated)
Motivated (motivated)
Motivated, ah [2x]

I put work in this music, you think I'm making this up?
If the songs ain't sharp, trust me they ain't making the cut
You don't like it? I'm no teacher, but you'll learn to adjust
I'm my own worst critic, so critics step your hate game up
I'm a different breed of artist, I know how to survive
You come into my lane, you better know how to drive
And I suggest you buckle up if you gon' come on this ride
No Johnny Cash but some of y'all are walking the line
But you wrong though, y'all look curious
Heath Ledger type of questions like, "Why so serious?"
And you want watered down lyrics? Well I don't carry 'em
I dig holes for these tracks, and then I slaughter and bury 'em
The motivation I got is on a whole different level
I treat these lines like court case, I don't wanna settle
My words are like bullets and they're aiming at you
And I ain't talking Switchfoot when I dare you to move

Take your best shot [3x]
I ain't going nowhere, nowhere

Ah, I'm motivated (motivated)
Motivated (motivated)
Motivated (motivated)
Motivated, ah [2x]

And when it comes to punches, you know I'm a land mine
No I said I'm a land mine
Don't step on me, or you get bombed sky high
And I don't mean secrets when I say to keep it in mind
That I'm ill with the words, too sick
They say I rap hungry, well that's cause I'm starvin', Diesel
That's why they calling me Riddick-ulous (ridiculous)
Cause the look in my eyes is different

Y'all ain't ready, rewind that back

Take your best shot [3x]
I ain't going nowhere, nowhere

Ah, I'm motivated (motivated)
Motivated (motivated)
Motivated (motivated)
Motivated, ah [2x]

Gravadora: Universal Music International Ltda.
Faixa: 7

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