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Let U Leave

New Boyz

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I know you mad cause you caught me with a jump off
Jump off fuckin down in my room
But I say it ain't what it seem, what if we switched places
I'd feel same way too and let you leave
Baby girl I'd probably let you leave
But it ain't what you what you think, I'd let you leave
I was tryin to be honest, gon' let you leave
Baby it was just one night

[Verse 1]
I had a girlfriend, I finally settled down
She gave her all to me, seven pounds
She had a boyfriend, who career was rappin
He gave his all to her, unless a girl distracts him
I-I ain't even wanna go sexin her but
I mean the girl kept on blowin my text up
Like "Legacy, come over, your girlfriend cockblockin"
And she had Bukue{?} turn down the hot blockin
I guess my actions led to your packin
I know you walked in but I swear it didn't happen
how your brain processed it to be
I tried to run from her but she wasn't lettin me be
See, what happened was she put pills in my cup
Threw my clothes in the tub and went down as I slept
Wait, where you goin? Baby calm down
Okay, I lied to you, but before you walk out


[Verse 2]
Look, I know I'm wrong for the things I done
I passed up a couple of chances because I'm sprung
We've been together for fo' months, she pushed my buttons
Can't forgive it little daddy girl I messed up once, haha
I don't like her, she was a one nighter
If endin love was a girl, we can both fight her
Of course bro I like her, I was 'bout to wife her
If she don't let me go then yeah, I'm gon' wife her
LOL, I'ma send her ass a text
Talkin 'bout "I miss you baby what's up next?"
And if you don't get back I'ma call her up next
Let her know I love her have to say what's on my chest
I didn't do it yet, but I'ma still count seconds
And if I get my girl back then I got all my blessings
Grabbed the iPhone and the service started ringin
And she picked up the phone "Look baby I was thinkin"

[Chorus - repeat 2X]


Gravadora: Warner Records
Faixa: 13

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