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Don't Go There

Neil Diamond

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She wants to take it
just a little bit further now,
Don't let that happen
'cause if you let her in,
She's gonna take it away.
Take anything
And what are you gonna sing?

You better be aware
Don't go there
Don't wanna let her play with
what belongs to you
Cause if you let her play
with you know what
You know what she's gonna do
She's gonna take it from you
That's just what she's gonna do
I don't know where
I don't know where

Ow boy
she's sitting on my shoulder
and telling me
The night is warm now
but it might be
get cold out there
And look out friend
Before you finaly deside
which way to go
I hope you stop
and review the scenario
And how it ends
So it just can't get
I don't know where

Don't say
i didn't warn you my friend
If you think it will last
Maybe it's time
to start thinking again
You're looking for love
and you're thinking
you've found it some
You're looking
for putting it away
in the bank and save it
How do you like a deodorant
and cheap parfume?
You're paying a price
when your heart
is been misbehaving
Don't go there
Don't go there

You wanna play it save
and make no promises
If she understands
the rules of the game
It 'll maybe work out fine
But baby take your time
And don't you be unkind
If all that's clear
Then don't go there

This thing is light
on to take some funny turns
The only thing that you concurn
is have new and take yourself
It's not like you're the one
who's you is lying blank
But in the heat of things
you got to apply your mind
To something else
Life ain't fair
Don't go there

Once you're in you might
not get out
You're looking for love
in the back of a limousine
You're looking for something
that's missing inside within you
If you think you can run
on the power of nicotine
They've got a new drug
for your mood
that will surely thrill you
Don't go there
Don't go there


This ain't the bible
and it ain't no moral tale
If it's a lesson
it's a the bible
you can learn it
If it's not too late
But don't you wait
Here's a tune
And listen is clear
Cause don't go there

Don't go there
Don't go there
Don't go there
Don't go there
Don't go there
Don't go there
Don't go there
Don't go there
Don't go there
Don't go there
Don't go there

capa do álbum A Tribute to Neil Diamond's Greatest Hits de Neil Diamond

Gravadora: Planet Music
Faixa: 45

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