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My twinkies looks stanky on the benz
And don't i gotta look shweet for my mens
I make em think i got a whole bunch of paper
And even date a ball player from the lakers
Now faker taker maker holla at cha later
Shake and wake up tell em what to get my ass from jacobs
That's the way a real diva like to floss it
Buy a car no matter what it costess
Of course its my rolls royce's made dem nosses
Tell you who the muthafuckin' boss is
I'ma drive and you walkin that's why you talkin
See the chrome spinning on the wheel stop jockin'
I'ma let you know real nice and slow i'll be broke as a joke
If i had to be your ho so po'
Missy on the rise like the sun if you think
That i'm done i ain't even begun

Slide slide dip(dip) shake (shake)
Move it all around, move it all around
Slide slide dip (dip) shake (shake)
Move it all around, move it all around

Feel the boom bass to get you bad kit
15's putting holes in you back kit
Bo bo boom, bo bo boom, bo bo boom, bo bo boom
Don't it sound so fantastic
My lamborghini disappear like houdini
2 20 cant see me in a bottle like a genie
Teenie, weenie
Now hate me like you hate to eat your wheaties.
Now here's a freebie
I'ma let you see my on t.v.
Acceptin' my emmy or da grammy in miami
I hit you with the 1-2 whammie
Your no tooth granny with a hole in her panties
And i don't give a shit if you cant stan' me cause
I is what i is and what i am is like my mamey
And i don't mean to sound to peti
But they used to call me fatty
Till i got with puff daddy

Slide slide dip (dip) shake (shake)
Move it all around, move it all around
Slide slide dip (dip) shake (shake)
Move it all around move it all around

My rims keep turnin and turnin
Tires burnin through queens and mt. vernon
And yes it's my concern that
You chain platinum or is it really sterlin'?
I'm old school, i rock da sherlin
From new jers. heard all the way to berlin
And as for certain behind every curtain
Is a snake bitch lerkin and she about to catch a hurtin
Mr. moles on da beats
And missy be the beats behind the beats
My record sales gon jump and do leaps and
While you sleep i'm on the grind as a creep
I got puma's on my feet
Fresh gear, eryday all week
You know i keep a high from a peeps never cheap
Underground like the streets (oh-oh)

Slide slide dip (dip) shake (shake)
Move it all around, move it all around
Slide slide dip (dip) shake(shake)
Move it all around move it all around


Gravadora: Atlantic Records/ATG
Faixa: 9

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