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What time is it?

Tonight it's partytime, it's partytime tonight
Tonight it's partytime, it's partytime tonight
Tonight it's partytime, it's partytime tonight
Tonight it's partytime, it's partytime tonight

[Verse 1]
Check this out, A lot of hip-hop but y'all just small talkers
Y'all could risk getting cut off like some knickerboxers
Y'all gone flop and y'all better off playin soccer
Misdemeanor my demeanor be the club rocker
My flow proper keep my goodies in a locker
Not a artist shocker but I am a shot of vodka
Private stalker number one game talker
When I start it up, there will be not one stopper
Fuck around and get your dome cracked like a cracker
Matter fact I'll break your bones like a chiropractor
Never slack up I rack up and leave you fractured
On the curb wicky word wicky leave you fractured
Haters all in my face can you please back up
Hater smilin in my face you need to be an actor
Beat jacker call for backup
Cuz I smick smick smack ya now tell me who's bad

Tonight it's partytime, it's partytime tonight (Say What!)
Tonight it's partytime, it's partytime tonight (What Time Is It!)
Tonight it's partytime, it's partytime tonight (True In Deed!)
Tonight it's partytime, it's partytime tonight (Holla!)

[Verse 2]
Check it, most individuals swear they invincible
Guys think I'm more important than the superbowl
Rhymin is a ritual now pay me my resituals
Cuz everyday and all day you hear me on your stereo
I'm in the centerfold I make guys lose control
In the studio I'm droppin hits from my booty hole
Ya F'in mulio, y'all don't want to test me yo
cuz when I'm done ya hair look like Coolio
Now please cool it Joe, Misdemeanor real pro
ficky ficky real pro wit a ficky ill flow
I kick down doors and I rock many shows
I put a tag on your toe and call you John Doe
Missy be the name and M.E. is my initials
Forget about it like the world forgot Sisqo
Take it to the club pop lock it to the disco
Think you ought to know that it's bout to get physical


[Verse 3]
I don't care cause me do not fear
Boom ti boom ri straight to ya ear
Best beware when you come around here
Don't you dare come unprepared
Misdemeanor watch dem suckerz sleep sleep
Got dem keys to the jeep beep beep
Misdemeanor put it pon ya leak
Ride the beat on the 1 2 treat [BLAH]



Gravadora: Atlantic Records/ATG
Faixa: 2

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