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I can see the future
I know who I am
I think I can feel my

Legacy, is when you need no introductions
You walk in the room and everybody start buzzin'
Legacy, when your reputation precedes you
Little kids grow up, they wanna be you
Legacy in when you silent but your presence felt
The product like drugs 'cause it sell itself
Yeah, you survived many disasters
And now they hang your jersey from the rafters
And see these jokers gettin' greedier?
Gotta hit the road when the locals don't believe in ya
My music in museums is timeless as Mona Lisa, bruh
A legacy artist, I don't need social media
So when you see me online I'm havin' fun, trust
Unjust situations make me wanna gun-bust
But I'm a man of peace and so I plan to be poetic
With my words to help curb and understand the beast
We keep it all love in the nightclub
They wanna turn the nightclub into the fight club
My life's blood runs deeper than a knife cut
This the crack that the dope boys slice up
My lyrics sound scary to the corporate sellers
I'm like '97 Rockafella but more Griselda
My observations make your heart stop like organ failure
So they think that I could see the future like a fortune teller

I can see the future
I know who I am
I think I can feel my

Heat-check, deep breath
I give all my love to ya, baby, Keith Sweat
Gimme more 20 more miles, I don't need rest
I'm half way to goals I haven't even dreamed yet
And I don't need money, I need faith
People thinking that I'm some sort of DJ
But I'm a poet and a man and a troubadour
I'm divine light hidden in a human form
It doesn't matter what you do, it's what you do it for
There are some places that you can't take an Uber toward
Love people, keep a brave heart
Don't make guns, make art
I got Sequoia trees cheerin' me on
Where ever I am is where I belong
Some of my fam' is buried and gone
I'm tryna learn more things I can share in my songs
Like life is a curtain that hides the divine
You can peak behind that when you quiet the mind
I rely on something that's stronger than me
And all my songs will live much longer than me

I can see the future
I know who I am
I think I can feel my


Gravadora: Island Records
Faixa: 10

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