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Ready Or Not

Meek Mill

ouvir : conectando
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Ready or not, here I come
You can’t hide, nigga I’m too damn fly
Sippin’ all of this purple got me too damn high
They say they got pretty soon but got too damn size
I’m like niggas ain’t loyal, niggas ain’t loyal
All these voices in my head sayin’ niggas ain’t for you
And when you get money these niggas aim for you
And when it’s lookin’ sunny these niggas rain on you
It’s a dark cloud over me, money took control of me
I’m barely gettin’ tired to sing my song unless you heard of me
Baby momma trippin’ out
I tell her to work with me
I’m on probation still, stackers niggas wanna murder me
And lately I’ve been gettin’ faded (faded)
Got a couple armies out cuz them niggas hate me
And all the bitches wanna fuck cuz the nigga made
I’m gettin’ paper, hot coated, double figurator

Young niggas gettin’ money
Young niggas gettin’ money
Young niggas gonna get it yeah
And then the dang bang chain
But the bezel on my runny and diamonds in my chain

Young rich nigga caught a millie worth of juice
Bad bitch with me tryna blow me like a fuse
Just to get a bag and maybe a pair of shoes
And he crazy with your lady if do for a pair of Louves
Big dreams turn to big things
I’ve been waitin’ on this day since I was 16
In the kitchen with them things tryna make a killin’
We in the better now, ever mind I’m makin’ millions
And these niggas talkin’ rappers cuz they think I’m chillin’
‘Til I put some money on their head, yea make them feel it
How they on, honest dog like they never knew ‘em
I have a merely walk upon when we run into ‘em
Clothes wearin’ shorty, have to put the sun through ‘em
So I hope you ready cuz we’re heavy and we’re comin’ for ya

Young niggas gettin’ money
Young niggas gettin’ money
Young niggas gonna get it yeah
And then the dang bang chain
But the bezel on my runny and diamonds in my chain

The Meek shall inherit the earth
So Imma own this bitch until I’m buried in dirt
I only rode with niggas that would carry me to my hurse
Blesses for my grandma, she carry me to that church
And I don’t know why, I just feel like I’m the one
They level me in fit but now look what I become
Or should I say cocaine? Mom I doin’ it for the fame
I thought will they never make it but a winner gets the grain
Charges allyed in my name, says allegiance to my character
Life’s a bitch, she cheated on me but I married her
Niggas gettin’ murdered, this shit is gettin’ scarier
Got in all the potholes, jumpin’ all the perrier’s
Bitch! I feel like I just got in that pussy
Said she wanna be a star, that’s why she brought me that pussy
Tryna win, says she ain’t the mux winner
That’s why I take the time, just to play ‘er much thinner
Cuz I’d never cold like not the winter
Not the weather, I’m talkin’ about within us
You for that money? See as they kick a man and a friend
They get this man in the fight, I’m just like the pigeon
So every day that I wake up, my undivided attention
They go to get my cake up and stayin’ out of them prisons
Yea, the system made me stronger
The bein’ broke just gave me my hunger

capa do álbum Dreamchasers 2 de Meek Mill

Gravadora: Meek Mill
Faixa: 2

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