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Martha Wainwright

I Am a Diamond

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“I should have known better
You warned me from the start
That gentlemen who climb
the ladder
Heed the rules and not the heart
They’re blinded by the promise
That if they play the game their star will shine
They never look to see what shines
Right before their very eyes
I am a diamond
In a setting that’s wrong
An unspoiled gem that’s
brilliant and strong
And I will find a way to take what is mine
’Cause I am a diamond and I’m gonna shine
And I’m gonna shine
I want the touch of Midas
Not Neptune’s trident nor Mercury’s wings
Circe’s power or Saturn’s rings
I want to end the search of t
he philosophers of old
And touch the stone that turns it all to gold
That turns it all to gold
I am a woman
And I’ll do anything my aims to
I’ll eat the apple that was
to Eve
I’ll eat it all and all, let Adam be damned
‘Cause I am like the
lion, I am not the lamb
I am not the lamb
I am a diamond
And I’m gonna shine
And I’m gonna shine
And I’m gonna shine”

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