Mariah Carey

Miss You

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Said Jermaine likes it, and I like it

[Mariah] (JD) {Jadakiss}
{Uh, uh huh, yeah}, (uh huh, yeah), uh huh, yeah (uh)
(Uh huh, yeah, yeah)
You know I'm really missing you baby, uh huh, yeah (MC)
You know I'm really missing you baby, uh huh, yeah (So So Def)
You know I'm really missing you baby, uh huh, yeah
Baby baby I'm missing you (heh heh, come on)

[Verse One: Mariah]
Longing for you everyday and I reach for you every night (uh huh, yeah)
Baby nothing's been the same since the day, we, said, good-bye
And I can't go on like this for too long
Baby baby I'm missing you (uh huh, yeah)
Boy I need you next to me and I'm hungering for your touch
Caught up in the memories and you're all I'm thinking of (uh huh, yeah)
'cause I can't get past, what we used to have (yeah)
Baby baby I'm missing you (come on)

[Chorus: Mariah]
I'm talkin' bout how I used to like it when you whispered to me
Tell me that you love me and those beautiful things
Baby won't you come here 'cause I'm really in need
I'm lost in your love and I don't know what to do with myself
I don't wanna be with nobody else
I just think about you, think about us, think about how much
I miss you

[Verse Two: Mariah]
All I do is reminisce of the love that we used to share (uh huh, yeah)
Can't recover from your kiss because nothing, else compares (uh huh, yeah)
Ain't no substitute, when it comes to you (come on)

Baby baby I'm missing you
Visions of us hand in hand come to me when I close my eyes (uh huh, yeah)
Baby I don't understand how we let, it, all slip by
Tell me can we try, baby one more time, baby, baby I miss you


[Mariah] + (JD)
Remember when, our eyes first met (uh huh)
I knew I'd never be the same again (this part's sexy right here)
Why can't it just be like it was (yeah)
Enough is enough (yo)

{*whispering*} Ja-da-*MUAH*

Uh, uh huh
Yo, I remember when I first kicked it to you
We hit it off well, then I used to whisper to you
It was all swell
Said you came from a family with money
Me, I was fresh off the block handling twenties
When I smile was you open or what (uh huh, yeah)
Say you can't judge a book by the cover 'til you open it up
Past hot, we was more like lava-ble (uh huh)
Used to chill and the smoke didn't bother you
Beauty of a rose, scent of a flower
Love when I tell her to, get in the shower, hit it for hours (wooo)
When I thought you was able to cope
That's where things fell apart ma, then it stagnated us both
And now the pain is killing you crazy
While all the time in your mind, you knew I was feeling you crazy
But Kiss is official boo and I'mma come clean
You miss me, well I miss you too, come on

[Chorus] - repeat 4X w/ ad libs

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Gravadora: Columbia
Faixa: 20

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