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come and talk shit who the boss bitch
wanna crown now ready my shit
sharks women in the water you'll get tusted
fuck first class i'm in the camp ..
is some actions that's bobbing up my car
..shake you down in the .. from my ..
on the street they can hear me pretty clearly
.. in the night what your daddy pulling clearly
see a little style i got my .. always like a smell
never in distraction grab a mercedes cameras when i'm baggin
but a single lady yeah i did a little ..
run me on the weekend but hate me when i'm working
overly dedicated and overly medicated for certain
but her .. new purse i ain't talkin shit when i say this bitches shady

should i say what ..
tattoo .. vagines
never get no sleep you kow all about me
come and meet my team, bitch meet my team
be my team, you know all about me
come and meet my team, bitch meet my team
you know all about me, come and meet my team
and everything me i'll be where my team
got my homie barely probably in supreme
..we'll be selling shirt to the fans
while .. they got you raising your hands
let me got cute that's my right hand man
shot out in a .. shawty in the ..
every when i came with travel like a gang bitch
travel like a gang bitch
city after city everybody speak her language
we just flex ..
got only people asking what's next
obsessed with .. you're tryin lose a little money but i'm
on top of the stage under the lights we
and ..f*cking your wife so
have a .. poppin champagne gonna spread on the ..


2 x
i ain't try meet yours
what's happen to that shti
you was talkin before
meet my team i ain't tryin meet yours
what happen to that shit you ws talking before

goes 1 2 3 4


Gravadora: Rostrum Records
Faixa: 9

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