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man i is


ouvir : conectando
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Knockin' doors down, showin' parts around
I'ma come through and show my wood pine
Knockin'— knockin' doors down, showin' parts around
I'ma— I'ma come through and show my wood pine, I'ma— I'ma come—
Knockin' doors— knockin'— knockin' doors down, down
Knockin' doors, knock— knock— knock— knock— knockin' doors down
I'ma—I'ma come through— I'ma— I'ma come— down
I'ma come through— I'ma— I'ma come— down (Yeah)

Paper chasin' on occasion
West Deer Park, that's my location
Life and death what we was facin'
Boy, gotta get that motivation
Back in the basement
Look at my idols, I'm feelin' adjacent
Doin' the shit that I wish I was doing, I'm feelin' impatient
Throwin' parties and catching cases
That's the life, but that shit basic
I've cooked crack, I can't erase it
If I could, would not replace it
Grew up all alone
Had to teach myself to tie my laces
What's the deal?
I'ma play the field
Rattpack, we keep it real
Nothin' but love for the people that paved the way
So a brother like me, he can get it today
Antoine, Erykah and 3K
Can't forget those ain't here today
R.I.P. JD and Pimp C
Payin' respect, so don't hold it against me
Devil he callin' me, he love to tempt me
God exempt me, why you sent me here?
What I think about year to year
What I've been through these people only see through a peephole, yeah
Not a single one got an idea
So I write it down on this page
Feel like I'm 35 times my age
Look in the mirror don't know what to say
But I'm happy the man I is

Yeah, yeah
I said I'm happy the man I is
And I'm proud of the man I've become
I'm proud that I'm from a slum
And never got cold, I never got numb
Except for the wintertime and then some
I transcend and I transform
Poetic vision in rare form
Growing up, nobody there for him
I promise when I have a family I'ma be there for 'em
I love hip-hop
Hatin' motherfucker, go kick rocks
No matter what happen I never gon' stop
Like Cole said, if they don't know yo' dreams
Then they can't shoot 'em down
But I'ma let the world know
'Cause I'm too high up to hit the ground
This shit right here is like therapy, spit it verily
I ain't perfect, I got problems, I got issues like People magazine
Shoot from the hip and reload the magazine
I wish I could just go on forever, forever, ever and ever
But this rhyme
Ill as it is divine
Gon' be cut short today 'cause I'm out of studio time
Only thought I was recording these horns and not no rhyme
What can I say? Inspiration hits at any time
So I guess I'll have to conclude all my thoughts another time
Another rhyme
Another— Ano— i— wo— a— rhyme

Anime such as Cowboy Bebop
Trigun, and Samurai Champloo
Were in constant rotation
During the making of this album


Gravadora: Def Jam Recordings
Faixa: 8

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