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[Verse 1:]
Living good, I've been living good
Rolling through my hood, understood
Just a younging in this bitch up to no good
In the whip, every day with Nikki she be riding with me
Never trip, rolling through my city with hundreds and fifties
Out the blue, like a Crip
But I never bang though, they know
We've been at it way before the fame, ho (Way before the fame)
We've been at it way before the fame, ho (Way before the)
We've been at it way before the fame, psych
Take a trip, little trip, life is what you make of it
I've been focused on this music, can't fuck with no basic bitch
Let me switch, the flow up, the flow up a little bit
No ain't just tryna hit, get, get with this
Bounce if you really 'bout it, but I doubt it, yes I do
Seems like all this new shit really just left over residue
I'm coming through
If I see your bitch I bet she coming too, what it do
We ain't never switch it up, we keep it true

Out the blue, like a Crip
But I never bang though
They know, we've been at it way before the fame, ho
Way before the fame, ho
At it way before the, way before the fame ho (Bounce)
Way before the, way before the fame ho (Bounce)
Way before the fame (Bounce)
Way before the fame (Bounce)
Way before the, at it way before the fame (Bounce)
Way before the fame, at it way before the fame
We've been at it way before the fame

[Verse 2:]
Back again, like I never left
Had to take a breath
Cause Nikki been fucking with me hardcore
God, goddamn, that's my fucking jam
They know who I am
Bitch bounce, homie smoke a ounce
Fuck it, make it count
With my album date announced, I pronounce I'm a killa
Bumping everything from Project Pat to Dilla
It's, truly disgusting the amount of money that we gross
Coast to coast, nationwide tour, then we hit the world
Rub a dub, if your bitch bad, we might hit your girl
RattPack, know the deal
What's the motto? Keep it real!
(I know) I got it, I want it, I need it
We live in an era where it get deleted
I'm wondering if Imma make it
Man fuck it I'll take it, that record I'll break it
These bitches they love it, but I never covet
I just keep it going that's why I be flowing
I'm already knowing this life that I'm living
Don't know what I'm given
It's so hard not to give in


[Outro - Thalia:]
Locations where the album were recorded include: No I.D's studio in Los Angeles, Logic's house in the hills, and various hotels across the country throughout the duration of the tour

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