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Gun (Brr)
Can't come (Gang, gang, gang)
Huh, take the gun (Gang, gang, gang)
Just got a new blick (Huh)
Jay Bunkin
Uh (Grr, grr)
(Yo, you heard? Turn my voice up a lil' bit)
Uh, uh

Lot of new chops, told my shooters "Go dumb"
Grew up on the block, you ain't from? Then don't come
Mama always told me, "Fight back, don't run"
She wasn't ever tryna have a pussy ass son
I was in the fields since a young ass age
Smart nigga, always had some decent lil' grades
Actin' up nutty, used to know how to behave
But always had a dream that I'd grow up and get paid
Pray to God, time go by, shit change
Really used to jugg, I'm in the stu', I switched lanes
Still be with them shooters, every day they put in pain
Remember lockdown, poppin' bottles, gettin' restrained
The shit I been through wasn't really no game
I know I'm goin' up, but still humble I remain
A lot of shit I did as a youngin', I'm to blame
But I just feel the energy there's waitin', go insane
I be spittin' from the heart, off the top, like it's easy
Just was on the block, hot, pop, yes they need me
I be spittin' fly every drop, it's a PD
Still ride with chops for the opps, fuck the PD
Meddies got me wheezy, I just dropped with Weezy
I just wish them not around's was here to believe me
Baddies on my weewee, bitches that's on TV
You ain't never turn a blue check to a skeezy
I can't wife an E-E, I need me a good bitch
Someone on my level, I ain't fiendin' for no hood bitch
Two years in this industry, I still be on my hood shit
But now I know there's more to livin' life than bein' hood rich
I need me a billy, free that nigga Gilly
Opps straight bitch niggas, thinkin' that they drilly
Lil' nigga silly, pop 'em like a wheelie
Skate off on the scene on foot like it's Heelys

I just wanna be great and accomplish something 'fore I go
But they don't wanna see me accomplish nothing, boy, I know

I just wanna be somethin' fore I leave here
I can't sit and watch my people, they need care
Growing from the block, I done had a steep year
Headed to the top, but the hunger deep there (No, no)
Long way from the day a nigga started this
True 2 Myself was like a starter kit
And I'm only nineteen, not too many work as hard as this
I'm just tryna go as far as it is, that's the whole reason why I live
I got some shit to prove, them niggas runnin' out they jibs
At eighteen, young nigga, bought my mom a crib
I been knew this would happened, crazy, this the way it is
I was destined, destined to succeed
Remember bein' locked down, treated like a peasant next to fleas
I can't fuck with rats, they got disease
I know I could achieve anything I want if I believe
Anywhere I go, I know I'm good, flyin' through the hood
And I keep that wish-a-nigga-would
Youngin', I was so misunderstood
But new times came, I pray to God I made it out for good

And accomplish something ('Fore I go)
And accomplish something (Boy, I know)

I just wanna be great and accomplish something 'fore I go
But they don't wanna see me accomplish something, boy, I know


Gravadora: Columbia
Faixa: 15

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