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Come Up (feat. Curren$y)


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[Intro: Ace Boogie]
I see you rolling up in the black Saab, Gold BBS's
I said damn this nigga is really making money man...

This how I feel right now
Riding through the town with yo' bitch
Living on a high
Shit I can't explain right now
Just know that wanna get rich

[Hook: Le$]
Man I'm trying to come up, up, up, up, up (4x)

[Verse 1: Le$]
Look, look, look
Trying to get this shit a hundred million different ways
Presidential, a mobster with some Sicilian ways
Play residential's, I'm laying back gettin' full of haze
Cloud number 9 on some Frankie Beverly and some Maze
A different page on these suckers really another book
I'm gonna give it the way it is fuck the way it look
I tell your dream bitch roll something for a nigga
A'int gotta touch ya got plenty brothers who pull the trigger
I'm putting food on the table, this a'int no game now
See I'm just fucking around, we a'int the same now
You Instagraming and taking pictures, we taking action
I'm taking over and our shit is way better than Calvin's
I'm only adding them hundreds, subtract them fuck niggas
And they promoting that ignorance like you dumb niggas
Tell you how to do it, but they never done it

They ain't even got no sneakers
But they tell you that they're running they frontin'

[Bridge: Ice]
Money making Mitch, Tell me something good baby
Its all good Ice
I know it is, finally moving up in the business

[Verse 2: Curren$y]
Real-estate and rocks
Some in the safe, got some on my bitch, some on my watch
Disney all night, meet Fort Knot
Regardless what the charge is I cops if I want it I own it
Imma kill it if I on it
Soon as I get it throw them speakers in it and them rims on it
Think I didn't but I did smash baby girl in that tennis skirt
Burn the joint with it brought her back to work
Spray a little cologne on my shirt before I walked into moms crib
And I'm still smelling like that California bomb shit
Smash two plates of that home cooked
That have your soul shook, now its back to the paper
Numbers, phone book
I flip through in my new 6-2
Too sick, need tissues for my new shit move bitch
With all that look and who-ing


capa do álbum Ace de LE$

Gravadora: Slfemp Music LLC.,SxS
Faixa: 3

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