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Kid Rock

Genuine Article

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Do what you have to
I did what I had to
To break through and pick a style that sticks like glue
And as I rank I wanna thank no one
Cuz’ I worked like a bitch to get the job done
You helped me around
My parents put me down
I never skip town
I stood my ground
Weekends showin’ up
Drinkin’ and throwin up
Rap was my life
As I was growin’ up
Actin a fool in school no one topped up
Smart ass in class at times abnoxious
Drivin’ a bronco
Runnin’ my own show
And pullin’ the look a like Marilyn Monroe hoes
And me and Bo got together
It made sense
Spent many nights in Mt. Clemens basements
I scratched records and performed a few tricks
KDC mix
Let the Black man talk shit
Pumpin’ the new sounds town to town
Who holds it down like Bad Leroy Brown
Now i wont stop cuz yo im Kid Rock
The Genuine Article
Cuz I worked like a bitch to get the job done
F-F-F Fames a’ costin the price ain't nice
Its like the roll of the dice
Or a whole new life
But don’t get my song wrong
I enjoy it alot
Walkin’ around like a big shot
Cuz i’m Kid Rock
Smooth as an ice cube
Cool as an igloo
And more complex than a rubix cube
A healthy wealthy young one with a quick tongue
Smart from the start and from the heart my rhymes run
And as I incline thru time to get mine
I try not to slide but walk a straight line
Though it’s hard when the climb gets steep
The one who finds is the one who seeks
So I sought and fought
And alot i got taught
And although I left those who stole got caught
Many shows I rocked
Many suckers I laughed at
And those who snapped back usually got slapped
Tha cat if i was strap
Cuz i was a sun of a gun
Livin life on the run
Now I pleaded 18 and outdone by none
Bold,Young,Handsome,Bad like Bronson
Pumpin the new sounds town to town
And when in motown I cool out in Greektown
On the upside with nuthin too high
The Genuine Article
Cuz I worked like a bitch to get the job done
Chuck nice break that beat down
Six Generations of rap and I’m first
Ready to burst,The style is rehersed
I worked and worked and worked and I worked
When many thought I was just gettin jerked
Used abused but I paid my dues
And now know one out there could fill my shoes
And my pants and do this dance
This shit didnt happen by chance
It went slow not quick but now im your pick
Ain’t that a trip when I started from zip
And now up and up and up I wont stop
The flop just pop The flat top the Kid Rock
Yes me below key MC
With the ability to rock the party
Anywhere and make people stare
On lookin while i’m cookin with no care
Pumpin the new sounds town to town
Who holds it down like bad Leroy Brown
And still I wont stop growin this flat top
The Genuine Article
Cuz i worked like a bitch to get the job done

Grits Sandwiches For Breakfast
Gravadora: Jive
Faixa: 2

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