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Think About It (feat. Cyhi The Prynce)

K Camp

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When I sit back and think about it
Yeah, shit could be much worse
So I gotta think about it
Get off my ass and make this work
You know you gotta be about it
You don’t get shit sitting ‘round all day
Hustle is the only way
Only way to get that pay

Keep going, keep going, don’t stop
Grind hard till you hit the top
One day yo shit gone pop
One day yo shit gone pop
Keep going, keep going, don’t stop
Grind hard till you hit the top
One day yo shit gone pop
Keep going, keep going, don’t stop

[K camp]
Look, if it take one time to believe in yourself
Then you gotta wake up, make it happen
Been a young nigga on the grind for some time way back
Before I started rapping
And I picked up that pen, had my mind on the win
Self-made, they ain’t gave me shit but a whole bunch of hate
Nigga, why wait? I ain’t got no time, boy, I’m still going in
Can u tell me how it feel but fuck these bitches getting money
Grind hard, just stay hungry, don’t let a nigga take nothing from you
Don’t let a nigga play you like a dummy, make that money, be something
Don’t trade on your niggas, stay 100
Don’t trade on your niggas, stay 100

They see I came straight from that bottom
They don’t like that shit, oh, no
Fell in love with that success and damn, I gotta have some more
I don’t worry ‘bout you niggas, I ain’t stressing ‘bout no ho
I just focus on this money, I’m addicted, that I know


[Cyhi The Prynce]
This shit real to me, they don’t really know how it feels to be
Diagnosed with cancer and leukemia
Which means not a nigga ill as me
But it won’t get me my credit for it
I gotta dream it, hating ass nigga, you can’t destroy it
They don’t play me on the radio
‘Cause I don’t rap about shit I can’t afford
I’m riding with a gun, I’m paranoid
‘Cause when you in the streets death and jail is two things that you can’t avoid
Man, this shit don’t happen over night
I’m the dopest nigga rapping over mics
But I’m tryna do something different
Nigga, I been trapping all my life
I keep it hood in each verse, I smoke kush and chief purp
I got a bad lil’ bitch, life could be worse



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