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Yea, yea
K Camp

I live my life with no regret
The bullshit that I've been through, that made me who I am
Barely get no sleep I'm clocked at tip by 6AM
Working on a dream where niggas barely say come true
In Due Time; believe
I once was filled with grieve, had to count my blessings
Had to bow down to my knees
So angry cause these niggas don't see the vision that I see
No pressure, though I got this shit on lock and hold the key
I asked them was I a friend
I don't know bout you, I've been betrayed
Just cause I ain't seen you nigga
No I ain't forget

Steal from your own partners that's a trait of a bitch
But I'm over that
Life too short like a skit
I told my mama please be patient with me
I'mma win, I know, I put you through that bull
Don't know where to begin
You sacrifice, to quit your job to help me chase my dream
Strong, black, beautiful queen
You get my respect and I love you until I'm gone
I'm gonna say this, "R.I.P Lil Jeff!"
I swear to God your truly missed
Go back on that day I never cried so much in life
It's gone be our height
Swear I talk to him every night, amen
In Due Time
In Due Time

I swear this shit just envy
I'm just motivated to grind
Never asked for shit, I just really took my time
A diamond in the rough, I knew one day i would shine
Lemme tell you bout the same pussy niggas that was hating from the jump
I ain't have a penny, they still left me in the slump
Running round a nigga, I just call him Forrest Gump
Smiling in my face, I don't fuck around with chumps
Now, it is real that I forget shit
Put 'em on my hit list
Killing all this competition
You don't wanna miss this
Get it on my chest so everyday you know it's Christmas
A present to these hoes, never pleasant to these hoes
See the game need change, I'm the fucking cashier
I just stay ahead of curves while y'all stuck in last year
And I drive these hoes crazy, hold on baby lemme steer
I'm too cold for these bitches, but I'm hot like cashmere

Let him breathe a little bit
In Due Time
In Due Time
In Due Time
In Due Time
I been working all night
In Due Time
In Due Time
I been grinding so long
In Due Time
In Due Time
In Due Time
In Due Time
In Due Time
In Due Time
I been working all day
In Due Time
In Due Time
I been grinding for so long
In Due Time
In Due Time


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