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Justin Stone

No Intermission

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Ay, I was told I would never amount
Same ones be up in my crowd
I get hype every time I'm on a stage
300 people jump around
Up in their mouth
I just upgraded
I tend to make some mistakes when I'm faded
I'm celebrating
They mad that I'm winning
Everything they said I couldn't
I did it
Shout out to Sick
Shout out to Adrian
Shout out to Ollie
I'm overseas
Just like my whip
Put me on a beat
I promise I body
I came up all independent
I ain't dropped heat in a minute
But I'm back
And I'm feeling great
No breaks I promise
No intermission
No hooks, all bars
Hometown star
They say I'll be
I ain't mainstream that's okay with me
I'm working patiently
My fan base rep me everywhere they go
Like so faithfully
Only clothes I rock all be my merch
Well, what that make of me
I'm a genius
I need to think some with my brain
Scroll through Instagram
I swear these girls on here all be the same
I just need to check my tone
I'm too blunt up in my zone
"Do not disturb" be my mode
Like please don't ever hit my phone
Like for real, don't hit me up

Way up we worked from the basement
I make six figures
They hate it
Teachers all laughed when I started
Now they say congrats, you made it
Homeco I'm back
I leave 'em dead on a track
Back when no one had my back
Now they all packed every time I do a show
Local promoters they slept on a bag
I'll blow up by myself
All I need are my fans
What you know about grind
200k in my plans
This is the prodigy
I say that honestly
'Cause I call my shot like every time
Step in the booth
And I vomit, like Sick
I do my job then dip
Heaven sent
But I'm heating up
Saw your set
Yeah, I've seen enough
You ain't special, no not at all
You cool recorded, but average live
Tunnel vision, see cash ahead
Critics like Justin better die
Had no fans three years ago
I flex now but it's justified
Who I am
They all wanna know
Does she love me
I'll never know
2019 I ain't dating no one
She said come through
I said I don't know
I don't wanna chill
I just wanna grind
She ain't get it though
So I said goodbye
I don't wanna chill
I just wanna grind
She ain't get it though
So I said goodbye
No intermission
No intermission
No intermission

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