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If you would be mine
We could be happy
If you wouldn't mind
We could be happy

So how about it?
It'd be so easy to do
Start with you and I just feeling out
The love we have for living
Throwing out the old bath water
It's elementary

The corner of my eye
Well it's got some business with you
I'd like to spread your fingers wider
Quit the lights and take you higher
Find the place that we've forgotten
It's elementary

Don't take the tangle for my past
I left that ruin long ago
And I moved out to deep end
Braced myself in case a piece like you
Would walk on, walk on by
Oh baby please

Now I know nobody owns nobody
What I'm trying to say
I wanna get spitting distance to you
Up close and personal
Let's get personal
Let's get direct
Let's get direct
Let's get experimental

You and me
Imagine us happy
Yes happy

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