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1st Place (feat. Curren$y, Trademark Da Skydiver, Young Roddy & Mikey Rocks)

Jet Life

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[Verse 1: Trademark Da Skydiver]
I stay on top of my game I'm sayin no time for playin
Paper on my mind
Doing business with whoever paying, the most
Fast and slow I gotta get this dough
Touched the few pieces of features but I still want more
What the fuck you think I'm grinding for
Tryin to upgrade my auto mo
Stacking bills smoke and kill chilled out with my foreign ho
First night with the villain resort life
We're just burning O's
Smashed that got my mind back to where the cash at
You know how it go I'm out the door my mind focus on dough
I'm so fixed on this digits
But she swear a nigga out here fuckin around with these other bitches
But I ain't' got no time for that tryin to get to this money love
Pay me trust I'm only get my paper up
Counting Francklin's, Jackson's, Grams's can't you tell from all these paper cuts
On my hand I been on the straight plan to me
Millions have the Grand's so
All I ask is you keep it real and super Ville in J.E.T Life We trust
Stay away from them lames
They look the same but them niggas ain't us

[Hook: Curren$y]
Put my hustle down got my money up
All them bitches come around cause my niggas coming up now
We put our hustle down got our money up
All them bitches run to us cause they don't wanna run us up
Put my hustle down got my money up
All them bitches come around us because we coming up now
We put done put our hustle down got our money up
All them bitches run to us cause they don't wanna runs up... clown

[Verse 2: Young Roddy]
Nigga I go debo hard or I'll carry my ass home
But I'll be damn if it's back to living up in that drug zone
Shit and I know that's right
But how they getting but I don't call that wrong
And in the mist of it all nigga we stay G while we drop bombs
Wait but hold on let me find something role up on
They say it's now or never just hope now we don't take too long
I'm on my paper chase we chasin bread and it's marathon
Yeah I love the pussy but plenty of nights I've slept alone
I done it all my own just me myself and my microphone
And til my next life it's your jet life til I'm dead and gone
Stay high up when the loud pack it's that Cal strong
Ain't no child play no need for that girl both us grown
Frontin ain't paying nobody bills better keeps your hustle going
Over these camp fires I tell my ghetto story
I put my life in this bars but they still don't know me
In this fast lane I move slowly I'm focused nigga


[Verse 3: Sir Michael Rocks]
I been gettin it been gettin it that bad man that bad man
The hoes be on me like tube socks
Range Rover no roof top
Took two shots of that brown brown we down town
We're kicking the like it's my birthday
JET Set, Real Niggas, 1st Place
Never Winnin if you're jealous of
Another nigga don't be jealous of how well he does
Just focus on your own team and they can help you up
I'm young and rich a bunch of bitches blow the celly up
And I can't even blame em
Send me naked pictures I'm a frame em on the iPhone
I'm rolling up a inst-a-gram, that's a gram in one blunt
Twenty for the point 5
It's like a brown bag lunch higher than the top bunch
I'd still pop Rihanna I cannot front
Barbequing putting vodka in the fruit punch
So you better watch her or she mine man
Ain't no ring on her finger like LeBron hand


[Verse 4: Curren$y]
Rolling up piles of them sky miles
Coolin in the honey cut
Listen to some Miles Davis yeah I'm rich
But I'm still using my play station for DVD player
Never gave up motherfuck
Not in the business of saving sluts
There's a auction on some retail space
So I'm saving up and they sayin I'm a made man but I ain't made enough
No baker though I'm cakin up
Take the game and told my niggas take their cut


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