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Jenny O.

Sun Moon And Stars

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If you bring the sun and the moon
And the stars
Then babe, I'm gonna take em.
You bring the devil
And I'll shake him
Go on, lay it on me.
If you bring the clouds and the rain
And the whole world in flames
And you're bleeding
And someone comes looking for trouble
I will cover you.
I'll make headlines when I follow through
Go on and lay it on me.
Quit hiding your face
It's the last thing that anyone needs.
And when I get to crying instead
Over something you said
I'll stand by the blues
I'm gonna use 'em
I'll make a note not to abuse 'em
Go on and do that for me.
I've been moving a new way entirely
Listen to me
I've been trying
I've been trying
I've been trying
To live my life over here
And choose love over fear
'Cause it's useless not to taste it
And there's no reason not to believe
I give my days to the dealer
I'll be a witness to disease
And have the courage of a sailor
If there's an answer I don't see it.
If there's a weakness I don't see it
I live my dreams over here
And choose love over fear
I give my days to the dealer.

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