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Murder Me

Ja Rule

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Yeah we back up in this muthafucker
murda inc
I go by the name of the Rule U know
got my nigga Chinc santana in the house my nigga Buck
my click niggas
were murda by number my niggas
nigga Black you know 1 you know my new nigga life
whats happenin

Yeah Im bout to let these bitches know like you know when we be fuckin
em n
shit all crazy heh
you want a nigga to call n shit we aint got time for that ma we just
come thru
and murda da puss thats all (hahaha Laughing)

Baby when you sexin me
I kinda like when ya
murder me baby
murder me
Baby when ya sexin me
I kinda like when ya
murda me Baby

Ja Rule:
(heh heh) Listen love i know your used to havin sweet nothins whispered
to ya
but my dick game´ll ruin ya mind and influence ya to do certain things
like hop in the range in the rain ass naked to get spanked
It´s ya world and you doing ya thang go head mama I aint got no
problem being
on the bottom
the way u shake ya that ass like hoes from Harlem reminds me to call
ya same
time tommorrow
cuz baby I´m impressed by the way u shake them ass and hips
by the way u make me wanna leave the one I´m with
take the spot of bein my down ass bitch
baby murda me hey
the way i murda you
and that look in ya eyes is like the sunrise when ya fuckin me

Cadillac Tah:
Yo yo
we can go from the bed to the hot tub until u get enough
mommy i call your bluff and put it up in ya guts
I´m a gangsta so I hit her with the gangsta touch
bottle of hennessey dro and some dutches
man i pull up like three in the morning honkin
u at the door with a t shirt on n thongs n tellin me come on in get out
cold but neva the less i hit the flesh then gotta go really tho
let me put a bug in ya ear an let u know that Im the thug of the year
and the last thing I do is care
legs up killin it drillin it man she feelin it shiverin talkin in tongues caddy
got her sprung
daddy long slong we get in on in porn
stars with a gangsta twist to it now lets do it
so wheneva u ready just page me and you´ll see
how i murda and hurta the pussy

hold on baby u need to holla at the kid if ya sexual prowlmess is more
wild its borderline and foul
yo look yo styl that freaky smile
got me layin dick to ya god bless the child
that can hold his own
i make ya scream and moan
a thugs nature
how could a nigga hate
the way i flip it smack it bounce it ride it taste it
lick her tits break down the wall the basics
face it you fuckin with a cocksman love
and you defend on the ball like gary the glove payton no relation not a
lot of
she bought her own KY ready for penetration
im patient im a murda the puss when im ready but meanwhile let me
throw on this
Marvin Gaye medley
and you´ll murda me
the same way that i murda you baby


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