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We In This Bitch

Iggy Azalea

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[Verse 1]
Right, Iggy back no playtime
I just gave y'all some break time to miss me
So stressed on what's next
My last little bit of success ain't even hit me
So keep it light on the advice
Look at us, we must be doing something right clearly
In convo I don't talk to too many
I just talk to the fans in the songs cause y'all feel me
Now let's reflect on what we left on New Classic
I overstepped what was expected, I blew past it
So best bet is respect my perspective
Or go get your sight checked for new glasses
The fact is you combine the stats with
The history I made, the message should be established
I guess what I'm explaining in laymen's
Is ain't nothin' about miss Azalea average

[Hook x2]
Now we in this bitch
Dmit it get borin' with no me in this bitch
Now we in this bitch
What's a world with no I-G-G in this bitch?

[Verse 2]
Unpolished product of my environment
Tryna get the same type love and respect as peers I be rhymin' with
But everything is so one-sided, divided and biased
That I can't get a fair judge panel not in the slightest bit
In light of this, I had to write a hit to get this type of chip
Ridin' dick won’t get me nowhere and I ain’t that type of chick
That's so unladylike 'specially knowin' they be like
"Iggy this and Iggy that" long as you say it, say it right
Right, they might be playin' but Iggy ain't
'Til Iggy faint, I just wanna fill this Iggy bank
See I emerged from the smoke without a smudge on me
So back up up off of me unless you got some love for me, right

Even with my back against the wall
I still don't know fear and won't shed a tear
Cause when I think back, I've seen it all
And everything that ain't stopped me got me here so

[Hook x2]

[Verse 3]
Look in my eyes and see what I see
You know that nothin' happenin' surprise me
It's like I seen this before
This is everything I was dreaming for
Relax your mind let ya conscious free
I got expensive taste and I ain't waiving the fee
It's like I seen this before
Life is now everything I dreamed and more
And more, life is now everything I dreamed and more

And more, life is now everything I dreamed and more
And more, life is now everything I dreamed...


[Hook x2]

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Gravadora: Virgin EMI
Faixa: 1

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