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Last Night (feat. Snoop Dogg & Bobby Anthony)

Ian Carey

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I'm in the club, so damn gone
I lost my friends and i lost my phone
I'm staggering all by my lone'
I don't even know how i'm getting home
But its ok its alright- i'm so fresh, yes i'm so fly
I swore last night id give up drinkin
Such a lie what was i thinkin

Pre chorus:
I see them movin see them dancin
Yea they doin that
I see them groovin poppin bottles like its new to them
I want to join them but it seems like they're too far from me
Plus where's the bathroom at cuz i really really gotta pee!!

Last night i don't remember
Last night i said i'd never
Last night what was i thinkin
I really need to give up drinkin
I'm not gon' drink again
But who am i kiddin
I'm bout to call my friends tonight and do it over again!

Fresh out the bathroom i'm so relieved
I make my way to the vip
I done tripped on a step, what the heck
I take a quick look around
And i check my fresh
Then i... proceed to to my mission
I see a bottle and the vodka glistenin
Good lord that looks so lovely
Pardon me while i chase this bubbly

Repeat pre chorus.

Repeat chorus.

Don't act like you don't drunk dial too!

Snoop dogg:
That's right
Cash right
Shining like a flashlight
Baby shake your ass right
Cuz' this could be your last night

Set the mood
Spoon and groom
Ladies fill my living room

Bobby a
What you say
Ian carey my dj

Play that song
Make it bang
We gonna be here allnight long
If you got that feelin feelin

Yeah now sing the song
D.o. double g
I am sold publicly
Speak my mind
Take my time
In the sky
I am fly
If you're low
Come with me
Cuz' i can get you hella high
Join my crew
Be my friend
Tomorrow night
We do it again

Same time
Different place
What an ass
What a face
What a life
You can have
And you dont have to
Pack no bags
Just get on in
And tomorrow night
We do it again

Thats how it is
I always does it big
Your place or mine
A case of wine
Baby stop wasting time
So take flight
Cuz' i'm only in town for one more night
Ya dig?

I really shouldn't have another one
But i'm just having way too much fun
So pour up another shot for you me and your friend
Some henny black on the rocks
And let's all get shameless
And act famous act famous act famous

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