Hot Chip

Hot Chip

Don't Deny Your Heart

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Well you thought you could not go on
Your bones are just beating like drums at your funeral song
And your heart has been gone too long
It's pushing for a drug that will beat it from wrong to wrong

Don't you know that it's hard?
Said it's hard for love
When you feel this but
But I tried my best to cloak it, in a bind, I'm getting stronger
Will these words take this somewhere else
Somewhere we don't hurt
In my heart we're getting stronger and I know where we belong in

All I wanted was you
It's our last time to choose
How are we gonna lie or second guess
When we cover our eyes and we open our scars
Are we ready to lay this all to rest

Don't deny your heart
Don't destroy your heart (say y-y-yes)

You'll see
We take fun seriously
Remember to breathe
My girl you're getting stronger
Eyes are bright and full of wonder
If you want to step, I'll step with you
Walk ahead, walk through
You'll be grown too soon
You'll be grown too soon

What are we gonna do
Now there's nothing to lose
How are we gonna move together
Time you're breathing with me
Now our bodies agree
Lose your shackles we must remember

Don't deny your heart
Don't destroy your heart (say y-y-yes)

Everything rises up
Until we are underground
Walk on me quietly
Until I can't hear a sound

In Our Heads
Gravadora: Domino Recording Co
Faixa: 3

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