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Cold (feat. Kaash Paige)

Headie One

ouvir : conectando
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Teach, teach
Teach, teach, teach, teach
Turn, turn
Teach me, teach me

They say that faith can move mountain (One)
Now my neck water fountain (One)
One-hundreds on a outin' (One)
Now I’m dodgin' my accountant (One)
Middle finger to the council (One)
Why they didn’t do rehousin'? (One)
Fell back and forth to trial, and
How much days will I be countin'? (One)
It really coulda been a murder
Imagine me, allow them
I used to wanna play footy, I used to pray that I get scouted (Told me turn, ayy)
Daydreamin' in the pub, there’s nothin' else to do out 'ere (Told me turn)
Because the youth clubs' closin' and the youth offender’s crowded (Turn, turn, turn, turn)
Three one pound coins, they jingle in my school trousers (Told me turn, ayy)
The teachers used to doubt us, now they tell the youth about us (Teach me)
They didn’t make me chase my dreams, they nearly turned me coward (They told me turn, ayy)
They ain’t teach me to survive, I had to learn, it took me hours (Turn, turn, turn, told me turn)
Hung jury, no retrial and they blame the underpowers (Suh)
Psalm 35 it's a blessing I stay showered (Suh, suh, suh-suh-suh-suh-suh)
I've had both fake and some real niggas around me (One)
The pagans wanna out me
On my head, they put a bounty (Ah, ah)
I grew up on a council flat, pouch and a bucket hat (Told me turn)
I still ain't come to terms that my nigga Josh ain't comin' back (They told me turn)
I used to love the trap like it would love me back (One)
I couldn't wait for the days to say, "I'm done with that" (Ah, ah)

I come up from the Zeno (Suh)
We in a drought but still my wrist cost me couple kilos (Suh-suh-suh-suh)
All I did was keep it real (Suh-suh-suh-suh)
I was out tryna drill the same day I signed a deal (Turn, turn, turn, turn, turn, turn, turn)
Now to have a conversation, that's a mil' (Turn, turn, turn, turn, turn)

Lately, I just feel a way
I'ma make these niggas feel my pain, yeah
‘Cause it's the fall
When my heart get cold, who can I call?
Heart so cold, heart so cold

I'm tellin' them, "The sky and above" when they ask me, "What's next?" (One)
Cah every step is progress when you come from the trench (One)
And as I walk through the shadow


Gravadora: Relentless Records
Faixa: 20

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