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Colder Days (Feat. Masspike Miles)

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Motherfuckers talkin' bout climate change
How it’s getting high
It’s cold out this motherfucker
Real cold, it’s a real cold world right now
You know what I’m sayin?
You just better keep that heat on 'em
It’s real

I’m tryin' to fight these demons off
Not guilty – how a nigga gotta plead in court
Eyes red, they be wonderin' what we done mourned
God got a lightning rod, respect it when you see a boss
And I be doing this for how long?
Knock it out the park when niggas push the real boss
No money down, everything is all paid for
Niggas comin' after mine, you know we got stay before us
Clap clap and I ain’t talkin' bout a stripper’s ass
Bangin' out, whippin' like took all these cameras flash
You fuckin' with a titan, you don’t wanna catch me
Oh you’re comfortable everywhere, got that home advantage
I have your soul leavin' the fuckin' planet
And I ain’t tryna put you out there I'm just being candent
You just a flavor of the month, career gon' need a bandage
When I’m finished with the motherfucker, toe tag 'em

These colder days, everything below zero
Fuck being loved, it’s better when these cowards fear you
Never isolate and keep your enemies near you
‘Cause any chance they get, these motherfuckers try to hear you
Speakin' from the point of weakness, nigga not tryna hear you
Fuck a ho, I'm tryna to save ya, look what happened to heroes
Niggas get they shit rocked
You all blind, left for dead you outta here in no time

No time, life is all about choices
Consensus telling me to get it, yeah I'm hearing voices
Pictured myself up in them Rolls Royces
So anything less to me was very pointless
I’m ridin' up the block with the top off
Choppas on deck, case blocked off
Growing up in the hood, have me paranoid
Life in the line of fire, cover the blazing at my voice
No fun when the party ain’t a party to you
Gotta to phase away and now the police stick the body to you
First 48 gotta keep your lips sealed
Next 48 part of the news real
My goons on patrol tryna figure who squealed
Right before you feed the baby, niggas get they food pealed
Niggas talk about who's hood colder
Mine is, try to play the bridge over and you’re dead

I’m strolling in my long share and Shawty underneath
Disappearing like my name is Merlin
The magician, have you leakin' that nutrition
Speak go to cuff, track him down like I'm ad-libin'
Man listen, these cowards actin like women
Super bitchy, when he’s on his ass dippin'
Out the back door, runnin' when they mouth off
Til I deck em in they tracks, makin' house calls

The streets is cold as ice
Move with precision, boy don’t slip up
Watch out for them lights
Black hoodie season, nigga give it up
My momma would cry cuz it hurts
Because in life that’s just worked
This time I’ve grown just as cold
It’s nothing but colder days
It’s nothing but colder days
So cold ouchea,
It’s nothing but colder days
Days, days
It’s nothing but colder days

Gravadora: Nature Sounds
Faixa: 3

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