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Fallen is Asgard, the valkyries cry
Thundering down from the sky
The gates of the castle in ruins, in flames
Protected by those who remained
Sun setting slowly there's blood everywhere
Screams crying out in despair
The last of our legion is left to defend
We're back to back until the end

By blood we are unified
By fire we will rise again
Our steel will protect us, the power inside
Will make us immortalized

Asgard must fall
To be born again
Rise above all
Bloodline's true domain

Sworn in to brotherhood, warriors of fate
Ready to take on the gates
Under allegiance by Odin's command
Reclaim our lost promised land
Forever failure or glorious gain
Our prophecy's written in pain
The carnage of Asgard will now be avenged
Charge, brothers, charge and revenge

We are your reckoning
Your due date we've come to collect
We are the bastards that will grind you down
Surrender and bow to our crown

Asgard must fall
To be born again
Rise above all
Bloodline's true domain

(B-L-O-O-D) This is our line
Standing the test of time
(B-L-Double O-D) Divine
Bring the hammer down

And now we are free at last
Counting the stars up above
One for each brother who's fallen from grace
Giving our bloodline a face

Asgard must fall
To be born again
Rise above all
Bloodline's true domain
Fallen is Asgard
Just to be reborn
Shine, shining on
Our bloodline is restored


Gravadora: Napalm Records
Faixa: 10

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