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TOP FLOOR (feat. Travis Scott)


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(Run that back, Turbo)
(Wheezy outta here)
Jumped out of a wave right into a daze
It can wreck your life, you gotta think twice
Put it together, the color I like
Know it look better whenever enticed
Prada, blue leather, whatever her vice is

Amount to, ooh, ooh
Too toxic (Toxic), ooh, ooh
Wavy, not vibin' (Vibin'), ooh, ooh
I'm so surrounded ('Rounded), ooh
Yeah, let's go

High in the sky, they can't reach (High)
Fly with a style that's unique (Fly)
Ride LaFerraris (Ferraris)
I came out the mud like the cleats
Float like Muhammad Ali (Yeah)
Wave, I was born in a sea (Wave)
Life of the party (Life of the party)
Miami, we had to start it (We had to start it)
I feed her, we eatin' calamari
Drip on these suckers, sorry, I'm not sorry
Order the PJ, I'm flyin' to Maui
One of one, only get VLONE from Bari (VLONE from Bari)
She came with me once, had a wonderful day
Bitch wrote a book and put me in her diary
We fucked on a boat, I'm a pirate (Pirate)
Admit it, I know you admire it (Admire it)
My diamonds dance like parade (Parade)
Matte black Aventador, same color shades (Shade)
Earn your promotion, I'll give you a raise (Raise)
Poured up some potion, feel intoxicated
Float like the ocean, young Gunna go crazy
Tropical bitches, her hair wet and wavy
Put a big double M on my Mercedes
Got me some millions, no minimum wagin'

Amount to, ooh, ooh
Too toxic (Toxic), ooh, ooh
Wavy, not vibin' (Vibin'), ooh, ooh
I'm so surrounded ('Rounded), ooh

Top floor (Yeah)
Elevator entrance, not doors
Only thing above us is outdoors
Took her down to Houston to the chachos
Took a million and started a bank
Top of the floor, man, it came with the rink
And you're welcome come party, the hell did you think?
Juggle the beats how I juggle the fame
And I gobble the pain when I swallow this drank
I grow my own gas in the back of the farm
Need the cover of Time so my haters believers
I ran through these seasons with centerfold pieces
Flip the promoter just like we do pizza
Just run me my cheese, we don't wanna go grease ya
Hotline (Okay), turn the pipeline to a lifeline

Amount to, ooh, ooh
Too toxic (Toxic), ooh, ooh
Wavy, not vibin' (Vibin'), ooh, ooh
I'm so surrounded ('Rounded), ooh
Yeah, let's go

compositores: Chandler Durham, Jacques Webster, Sergio Kitchens, Wesley Glass


Gravadora: 300 Entertainment
Faixa: 15

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