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Woke up in a cold sweat
Alone where the ghost slept
I never thought I was the type
I would have took the frost but I must have made it obvious
Cause every time it happens I'm the one who gets the bite
Fading like the lights on the last bus out of here
Kicking up dust disappear into the night
Nothing lasts forever
But judging by the weather
I'm starting to get a sick feeling that it might
And I don't want to fight you anymore Benjamin
It's a plague
A lose-lose situation in a maze with a crazed man
chasing the kid in me with a blade
That's too proud to ever admit he's afraid
So pile the rocks on me
I don't know what to say
The whole worlds' watching but I don't think they relate
I was right where I landed
Simple and plain
Another victim of the sickle and the flame

The flame blows out
Won't ever see it coming
Funny how
This is all I ever wanted
Was the price you paid
When you try to cross a river without drowning

Fell asleep with my bones cold
Blowing smoke through a froze throat
Trying to focus on the flash
I would of grabbed the whip
But they must have seen me coming
Cause no matter what I do I always seem to catch the lash
Painting with the ash left sitting at the base of what
I used to be pretty familiar with as home
I don't know if fate's trying to kill me
Or teach me how to grow
But either way it's got me feeling hopeless
And I don't want to climb this tattered up rope anymore
Sick of thinking I'ma fall
The Devil's greatest trick was convincing the world he never existed
And mine was a broken crystal ball
Looking at the shards trying to figure out the future
with a bloody hand holding it together from the base
Funny how the butterflies flapping in my stomach finally
figured out a way to make a valiant escape
We talk about the coals and the bats
Choking on the facts
Fighting with the current to our backs
Nobody ever promised me tomorrow more than anybody
told me I would die before I ever made it back
And even if I had
It's only a matter of time until it catches up with me to loosen up my grasp
Everything I've done in the name of being strong always
seems to come around and try to kill me where I stand

The flame blows out
Won't ever see it coming
Funny how
This is all I ever wanted
Was the price you paid
When you try to cross a river without drowning

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