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I Can't

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I can't seem to remember where we went wrong
There was a time when this relationship
Was just like a happy happy home
Before we make love 10 and 20 times a week
And we'd do it anywhere in the back of the car, On a dock or on the street
It used to make me happy to hear your key unlocking
The door but now we hardly call each other or talk anymore

I can't keep chasing you like this
(and i just can't do it)
I just a little to gangsta for that now
I can't keep on wanting you like this
I'm gonna tell you right now
I just can't stand feeling like this oh no no
It's like i'm out of control and i just wanna know
Tell me the truth now baby
Should I stay or should I go

You say it been a little while and my light
has gotten better
Tell you the truth a whole lots gotten worse
just a little more cheddar
But i always told you that I'd keep you first
But you never ignored the fact that you know if i'm your last and i know that hurts
And I know you said I can't help the company I keep
I'm just one weak moment away of making a secret
forever to keep
I understand what your saying But I Ain't Perfect
If you can't trust me you already handed down the verdict


I'm gonna tell you how to sustain
I hope it all works out
We always end up making up and i just
Love messing your hair up
Making love til the early morning
Escaping the problem in the moment of pleasure
Realizing that with pain there lies the treasure
So we both complain but still we both remain
Stuck with the decision whether to say goodbye
and I ain't gonna even lie i don't know if i can even try


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