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Some days I feel like givin' up, givin’ in
Losin' hope, losin' friends
I’ve been trying hard not to lose my breath
Ever since you left, but if this is the end
When good ain't good enough, the road is ridin' rough
You'll always be alright with me
If you ever feel alone, I just wanted you to know
I wrote you this song to sing, it goes like

P.S., I miss you when you feel alone
P.S., I'm with you, wherever you go
P.S., I get you, so, P.S., come home
P.S., I love you, that's all that I know

I've got seeds 'cause if we reap what we sow
I planted you a garden where your flowers can grow
I believe in you and me and at the seams we can sew
I planted you a garden where your flowers can grow

Hmm, hmm, hmm, hmm
Hmm, hmm

Will this be forever?
I guess we’ll wait and see
Even if we’re not together
We'll forever be we

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