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I gave you the manifesto of my Search Party
Please read the pages
My policies focus on social enterprise
Better education and decent wages
And as long as you wanna be courageous
Promise you we're gonna see some changes
I said I promise you we're gonna see some changes

[Verse 1]
I'm a natural born leader with the skills of a poet
You can feel that it's real cause you know it
I speak for the people cause that's what a poet's born to do
So when you think about it, I owe this all to you
I'm making money for the industry off the things you taught me
And that's never gonna feel right to me, unless you rise with me
Ride with me, since you brought me
To a place where I don't have to write for free
I paint a portrait of ends at these corporate events
And you know me, I'm never scared of causing offence
But they respect it cause they know, what I'm talking is sense
Ay trust me they'll pay you more than £1.50
So there must be a way you all can come with me
Why should I be the only one with a belly
Like I learned all of this sitting in front of the telly?
I learnt it from you, my family and friends
You give me clarity of and sense
So I can do my job, that means it's on you who my salary depends
You need to get this album and bang it in the ends
I feel to have a ballot in the ends
Nah, seriously there's too much talent in the ends
Certain man who never made it out the strip
They're the same ones who taught me how to spit
They deserve their credit in history
I told you's lot already, don't embed it in mystery


[Verse 2]
So if you're in anyway interested in
The future of the world you've invested in
The destiny of the place you now reside
After all the conventional powers died
Please consider walking down to our side
We can talk about the widening North and South divide
And of course the housing prices, which are now in crisis
We hold discussions on property value and how it rises
And even when we don't have the answers
We'll be happy to direct you to where all the sound advice is
Thank you, see, thank you
See our policies might not always sound the nicest
But you finally found the guy that's down to fight this
I don't believe being unemployed makes you null and void
And I won't just lie to you when you become annoyed
I was once a boy who would jump for joy
At something as trivial as a bunch of toys
But in adult life, that becomes a ploy to help you side-step
the things you might want to avoid
And at this stage of my life, I've come to a point
Where I wanna get anyone and everyone who wants a voice
To come and help me make some constructive noise
Trust in choice, empowerment and participation
That's now essential for our situation
Cause the solution is not some half-arsed litigation
Masquerading as a first class dissertation
That ultimately won't pass the curation stage
And therefore won't last the duration
The solution's commitment to the task that we're facing
I accept this challenge and I'm asking for patience
In the manifesto of my search party


Thank you, thank you
Now that's why that shit's in the back of my mind as well,
it's like that bruv, cause I've seen...

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