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[Intro: 50 Cent]
G-Unit in the house

[Hook: Young Buck]
I got 'em watchin' me
Look how I'm movin'
I got 'em watchin' me
Look what I'm doin' (hol' up now)
They watchin' me
I keep it movin'
And since they watchin' me
This how I'm doin'
Rock and rollin' on 'em

[Verse 1: Young Buck]
100 bottles, give me every bottle in this bitch
Where she at?
I want every model in this bitch
Blow the check, these hoes wanna know just who I am
Takin' pictures, trynna do it for they Instagram
Presidential Roley, Benzel got them big boogers
Fuck the home, shout-out to the real cookers
Gold chains, couple Audemars and Cartiers
We [?] ; these hoes know the party here
Blowin' on that

[Verse 2: Kidd Kidd]
Blowin on that killa kill: neck on chilly-chill
Baby, let me get a feel; show me that it's really real
Bad bitch from Cashville, met her up in Club Live
Don't care who you man is, long as he ain't up in here
Ain't nothin' changed, still the same ol' two-step
I don' had some A-1 hoes, and a few Fs
I done order bottles, 100 bottles and got two left
Somebody got bust upside the head, G-Unit there

[Hook: Young Buck]

[Verse 3: 50 Cent]
Hol' up, I think I love these hoes
A nigga trynna fuck 'em all
I'm lit up in this bitch, ballin'
I would blow it boy
No suckers in my section
Oh no, no, no, my shit legit
You niggas get to flexin'
Bitch and I will get ya hit
I got a paper route
A nigga gettin' plenty bread
Oyster perpetual
You niggas know what time it is
Dance like a b-boy
Just like a d-boy
Yeah, I'm a g, boy
You know it's me, boy

[Verse 4: Lloyd Banks]
Uh, I think I'm gon' remain reclined and count
So many girls, it take a hour for me to shout ‘em out
The coupe foreign, the shit I hit been super borin'
Dog, I’m sharp as hundreds with the blue tan on 'em
Shit a phenomenon, I kept my promise
Respect and honest, the grind bought off a neck of diamonds
Shinin', plenty tried, don't got the timing
Bet he out there island hopping
And your lost still in the thousands

[Verse 5: Tony Yayo]
Bottles of Clickquos
Smokin' hookah with eight hoes
Five angel heads on my neck, all froze
Inter vision, interpretations
Watch with your ears
I bought the last watch in the lear
Ask Jacob, ask David, ask Eric the Jeweller
Ask 'Beth in Jersey when I bought my first Muller
I got 'em watchin' me
With the yatch Master Rolly on
In that new Rolls Royce with the top gone

[Hook: Young Buck]


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