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My Savages

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I be on the phone with dope boy, I be tiltin'
Ya inspire me 2 go harder, nahwimsayn?

My savages, my savages, my savages
I'm always dressin' fresher than the mannequin
I grew up in a ruthless ass environment

[Verse 1:]
I'm on the phone with yo, I ask him how the trial went
Thirty five racks is how my day was spent
I got a cocky back, that's how my day would get
Ya got me thinkin' all these bitches artificial
The way ya actin' ya must don't respect a real nigga
Roll some herbal, pour some syrup up
They tried 2 infiltrate us & then betrayed us
I told ya way befo' what happened they was hatin' on us
Ya know when we was juggin' fo' it they was mad at us
And this a letter fo' my dog, how we let the $ get between us
How we let these bitches get between us
How we let these niggas get between us
I got luv fo' all my savages with itchin' fingers
I got luv but it ain't life 2 luv I got fo' indie
She held me down when I was broke, I got her 2 infinity
My lil dawg caught a murder, gon' fo' infinity
Dumpin' ashes on yo obituary, I know ya feelin' me
R.I.P. grandma quick, ya shoulda seen this shit
Twenty thousand O's of child support, I seen that shit
Ridin' round with all them choppers, I done seen this shit
These rappers made at me but these niggas ain't doin' shit
And I just bought a pound of kush so I can smoke that shit
I went & spent a half a ticket at the dealership
The fame is doin' a lot of damage 2 my friendships
If Esko didn't luv me would've been a damn shook
And it's the luv from my fans got me still here
Monsta, ha!

[Verse 2:]
Say I'm Illuminati, & try to make me catch a body
I don't know when I'm a flip niggas
Get me sum' codeine to sip, nigga
Big bank sayin' wipe a nigga's nose, but girl change a lot from the doors
Befo' this shit brought up in phantom, & finally luvin' no ho
That what ya want from me? That what ya really expect?
Ya thinkin' I'm still not depressed?
My soul can't loan me a check
I hate I had 2 fuck with any of ya niggas, that's my only regret
Dropped the mink on the flo', the Cuban links on my ho
Ten whips in a row, who would think we were poor?
Who would think we was poor? There's $ layin' on the flo'
Got sum'hoes layin' on sum'hoes, got a shawty with me, she a pro
No she'll neva meet another nigga not another nigga like me
Even if he got a billion dollas he can't make her cum like me
Who compliment ya like me? It betta be about a image
Tell me all of this a gimmick, I thought the whip's got rented
Cause the spurr one tenant, I told em ain't got none to hide
I told em I'll do with the pies, told em fuck all of my roles, I don't even write

My savages, my savages, my savages
We gon' leave a nigga stiffer than a mannequin
Free all my niggas incarcerated, ya heard?
Em goin' fo' life, ya heard?

Gravadora: DJ Collective
Faixa: 8

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