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Covered N Money

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I'm covered in money, I'm covered in money
These bitches, these niggas, they all want something from me
I'm covered in money, I'm covered in money
Just stop all the fronting I'll go back to crime, before they try take me to trial
I heard what you told to the judge
I been gettin' money like this for a while

[Verse 1]
Diamonds, I ether, my brother's my keeper
We selling that ether with other features
My momma seems to know I'm at the Grammies
She know how to keep me, she better not get greedy
I hit the lottery
Tell me your thoughts and you better not lie to me
Slangin' that product, and I'm a product of my community
And I'm a product
Torching that gas, we torching that gas
We blowing up fast, we blowing up fast
We put on that mask and come with that cash
Yeah, yeah, check, I got a motor from running the border
You know what you know but don't tell it to cops
Ain't leaving no evidence, cut off my locks


[Verse 2]
Treat me like royalty, do all my chores
Do all my dirty work, fuck all my whores
Take all my houses and treat it like yours
That's what you wishing now drape to the floor
Why you be stealing from niggas this hot?
Fuck with that bitch cause you know that she bi
Working, I'm working and feeding the kids
Ain't you been doing this life I create
Your attitude not fitting this situation
Bring me up outta your investigation
I'mma go harder with no limitations
My money so long, these bitches can taste it
Pay off these lawyers to throw away cases
Don't think the traces can lead out of state
Finally made it, these niggas, they hate it

[Hook] (x2)

[Verse 3]
I could make Franklins do a back-a-flips!
How'd I get in this predicament?
Maybe you're guilty or innocent
This is New York, it ain't working out
Wishing we all can go back in time
You holding a grudge, I'm holding them slugs
I'm full of them drugs, it's all in my mug
Everybody tryna settle up
Hoping we can take a better route
Told the DA, I just call a bluff
Told the DA 'bout this jewelry on
I done been talking on the phone
You bitch ass niggas ain't nothing but a clone


I'm covered in money, I'm covered in money
These bitches, these niggas, they all want something from me
I'm covered in money, I'm covered in money
Just stop all that frontin'
Stop all that frontin'

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