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Goats in Trees

Foster The People

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Well I was caught inside the wreck
Never found my way out, I was filled with indifference
The animals were getting tired
So I sang them a song, cause they promised not to take too long
I can't find my way back home
I'll listen to you if you want me to
But you have to share a smoke
Yeah I've been running against the wind
And I can hear the angels calling
The madness has been pulling me
Right back out my stride I feel the change in the rise and tide
Blood is in the room and I buried all my wrongs there with my youth
Don't give up on me now, I'm on the outside and I'm falling apart
Woo yeah

Pleased to meet you excuse my hands
I've been bitten by an enemy that's pretended to be my friend
No I never wanted to be like them
Thought I was just too clever to be brought down to their level
Of misfortuned chagrin
Well I don't care about what it's worth
But if you lift this burden off my back
I'll follow you to the bloody end

I've lived my life the way I want
But no one can tell me they're not afraid of freedoms of deliverance
Will I take it all in stride
I feel the change in the rise and tide
Someone's in the room
I buried all my guilt in there with my youth

Dont give up on me now
And I'm on the outside
But it's warm on the outside
That's a lie, I don't wanna fall apart

Yeah, well me, I've been afraid I clawed and I fought like hell
Didn't know it was getting closer
Darkest days upon you
Yeah, well, me? I've gone astray, my blood was turning to sand
Darkest days upon you
Yeah, well me, I've been afraid that the numbness was getting closer
The feverish days upon you



Gravadora: Columbia
Faixa: 9

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